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Kaamwalis dearer to women than their husbands, says survey

If the findings of a recent survey conducted by a local NGO are anything to go by, Indian women are more possessive, protective and caring for their maids and servants than for their own husbands.

The survey, conducted upon over a hundred working and non-working women from different strata of the society, was based on a questionnaire carefully prepared by a not-so-esteemed male jury, most of them being men of high social status, all victims of their wives’ indifference and partiality towards the house-maids.

Following are some of the topmost replies of the questions asked in the survey, as tabulated by us:

Q. Who is the most helpful member of your family?
1. My husband follows all my orders sincerely and gives me my morning tea on bed first thing in the morning. So this has to be him.
2. My pet dog. At least he keeps me entertained, not like my boring hubby.
3. Obviously my maid servant!! Are you trying to insult her by asking this?!

Q. Who do you make tea for, everyday?
1. It’s cold, but even if am sitting in my blanket and Kantabai comes, I have to immediately get up and make special Tulsi tea for her. I can’t afford to let her catch cold in this winter! What’ll I do if she goes away!
2. My husband. I make tea when he comes back home from work in the evening, so that he can quickly start preparing dinner. (One lady added, “I don’t like my dinner to get late, you know.”)
3. My pet dog. He’s such a cutie pie!! How can I let my baby fall ill! No no.

Q. Your maid says she can’t come for a day as she needs to buy a new sweater for this cold. What will you do?
1. A day off for her?! So I do all the day’s work?! Oh no, no way! I’ll rather ask my husband to remove the sweater he is wearing then and give it to the poor kaamwali. Men are strong anyway, a day without wool won’t hurt him.
2. I’ll open my husband’s entire winter wardrobe in front of her and ask her to choose one. anything, but not a day off please!
3. I’ll tell her that she needn’t take leave for that. What is my husband for! He’ll take an off from work and go, buy one for her. But a day without my maid, hell NO!

Q. Your maid hasn’t come today. What will you do?
1. WHAT?!!?! Oh my god! *Faints*
2. Unimaginable! I’ll go and drag her out from her home if needed!
3. I’d tell my husband, “Baby, don’t go to office today. There’s some more important work for you today.”

Q. A day without your husband?
1. Cool! Going for a kitty party.
2. What? As if I am letting him go! Who’ll make my tea then?
3. Boring. No one to listen to my regular complaints and grumblings.

Q. Your life is impossible without…?
1. Kanta Bai!
2. Shanta Bai!
3. My maid servant. And oh yes, husband too.

An activist from the group “Men Are Also Humans” later reacted to the survey saying that it has all the support and agreement from the society. “It is the voice of ‘mankind’, literally,” he said.

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