Reliance declares its network will not improve even after launching 3G

When Reliance Communications announced the launch of 3G, its customers took a sigh of relief, in the hope that they would finally get rid of the wonderful kind of service they were being given. But the introduction of 3G will also not help them. Reliance has declared that even after launching 3G, it plans to keep its service like it has always been. Customers’ complaints of poor network and sudden disconnection of call during conversations, are set to remain.

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Amit, a Reliance GSM user, is too much fed up of the network and is likely to soon become a victim of loud hearing and speaking. He often has to call Airtel and Vodafone Customer Care numbers to resolve his Reliance network problems, since the Reliance Customer Care puts him on hold for more than 4-6 hours. “I cannot even change my network since I come from a conservative family — changing a number means changing my wife,” he said. When we suggested him to change his number via Mobile Number Portability (MNP), Amit told us, “Reliance only allows intra-network portability, not inter-network!”

“Reliance should provide services to
such kids instead. They also need
it,” said a customer

There are similar problems with the internet connection. Swati, a typical nerd and 3rd-year engineering student told us that her net crashes out each time she tries to see her results, but it never crashes down whenever her younger brother is playing online games. 

A group of victims of Reliance’s no-connect policy in the capital have decided to protest now. As a part of this protest they tried calling Delhi’s Chief Minister, but since the call didn’t connect, they concluded that the CM is a Reliance user. The furious community has also written a letter to the Telecom Minister.

Some young users have told us of their plans of abducting Tina Ambani, since they are unable to talk to their lovers without hindrance. “When the lines mix up, I realize the name of the girl I think I’m talking to isn’t what the person on the another end is telling,” said a Class XII student, who is leading a gang to abduct Tina Ambani in exchange for good network.

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