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Young writer following the Chetan Bhagat model loses all female friends

A young writer has lost all his female friends after he tried to emulate Chetan Bhagat while writing a light campus novel presenting girls, love and relationships in bad light.

At bookstores as well, Saurav Ahluwalia’s novel Hey, I Love You ‘Coz You Are Damn Hot is getting no buyers, as its copies are easily lost in the crowd of other similarly-named novels. Ahluwalia, 21, is a student of IIT-Kanpur and is doing a B. Tech. in English Grammar Engineering. The 278-page novel, his first, was published two months ago.

“I seriously didn’t expect this kind of response. I dream of becoming a successful writer, but this one has backfired. I don’t know why, but my female friends are suddenly upset with me. It took me three years, eleven girlfriends and close observation of dozens of girls to be able to write this, but it seems to have paid off nothing! Even copying Chetan Bhagat’s whole paragraphs in a chapter seems to have not worked,” laments the young author, whose book’s first edition has been published with the label “No. 1 Bestseller” on its cover.

He considers Bhagat, a bestselling author, his idol, and following his example, he had joined IIT only to be able to become a writer.

Oh Shit! Not Another
Such Novel!

“Even bloggers are more popular than Saurav Ahluwalia,” said a bookstore owner. The book’s publishers say that the book has sold only on railway stations and airports. “Such books don’t sell at our store much. If someone picks them up, it’s only teenagers who read specific paragraphs in groups. Yesterday only, a schoolboy came and asked for a copy of Hey I Love You… and took out a chapter, which his friends read and giggled out a lot,” said the owner of a leading bookshop in New Delhi.

A female friend of the author talked to us, saying she thought him to be a clean person, but the way he described several erotic scenes in the novel show how dirty he is. She felt disgusted, she said.

Chetan Bhagat himself, who reads books by the new young authors to take inspiration for his later books with filmy content, said about Ahluwalia, “He is just another guy who didn’t realise that shit makes its presence felt only once. After that it goes down the pipe and in the drain. I was the shit who people read first. So these guys better sell their stories to me, and I’ll write them.”

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  • Tanay man thanks for writing this one. 'Hey I love you because you are damn hot' ROFLMAO. It feels like a fitting slap on the cheeks of all those wannabe Chetan Bhagats.

  • Hahaha.. B.Tech in Engllish Grammar Engineering – Priceless! I guess IIMs will be offering English Grammar Management courses also now? Seriously, these books suck no end. Well written! ~ From a #ChetanBlocked critc. 🙂

  • Many females are talking about that chetan dipicts female charactor as badly but we should think that we are living like that society.he just says what is reality that is all. Why are girls taking wrong? Take it this is an awareness.there is no sri ram in this world but there is few seetha in this world.

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