Cricket fan, glued to India TV cricket coverage for 7 days, finally took break during India-England match

A cricket fan, who had been watching telecast and repeats of the same cricket shows, and nothing else, ever since India beat Bangladesh on February 19, was finally reported to have changed the channel on Sunday. India TV’s Veena Malik-starring panel show and reality show Bigg Toss lost a loyal viewer as 17-year-old Sunny preferred watching the India versus England encounter on a sports channel. After the match ended in a tie, he shifted back to the news channel and watched everything all over again as if he had not even seen the match.

Sunny’s favourite cricket show

Sunny will be giving his Class XII CBSE exams in March, and was unsuccessful in his requests to the CBSE to shift his exam centre to his home, or to install a TV at his exam centre. He is a very keen football follower, but this Cricket World Cup, he made it a point to follow cricket religiously. He has decided to screw his exams to show his sudden passion for cricket, just because it is “the game that everyone follows”, as he says. “I wanted to watch all India matches, but since I don’t understand the game much, I thought Veena Malik could help me on India TV. So I’ve watched all her panel shows, and her expertise has genuinely helped me. Thanks to her, I now know why Yuvraj always has relationship problems and Dhoni changed his haircut,” said Sunny.

He told us that the shows, everyday, however, had the same content: the review of the Bangladesh match, and the preview of the England match.

The student also had an opinion about India’s tie with England. “I’ve learnt from the show that yesterday, India would have won if they had taken Veena’s advice of wearing underwear on the cricket ground. But they didn’t listen to her, and see, their pants were pulled down so well by the Englishmen,” he said.

Sunny, a mediocre student, says he was not interested in cricket till now as he has played very little cricket at school. “I have scored just two runs till date in lunch-break matches with friends. The few boundaries I saved were by the time the batsmen had taken four runs by running itself. So you see, I don’t have much talent in cricket. And, that is the same reason that if not IPL, my new aim is to at least make it to India TV. Veena Malik is an inspiration.”

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