India lets off Pakistani mass murderer just for the sake of Indo-Pak peace process

New Delhi: 
Fostering peace and anarchy

Indian police took care on Tuesday that Pakistani murder accused Mohammad Farhan not be tried in court, but given a memorable send-off with love and honour. Farhan, accused of mercilessly decreasing India’s population by 8, was spared after Pakistani officials put pressure on Indian authorities to let him off. The love and honour is a traditional Indian treatment given to Pakistanis who break the law; even though India and Pakistan still remain enemies like they have always been. The 26-year-old’s cross-border farewell was celebrated with Bollywood music, with songs like Tere Mast Mast Do Nain playing in respect of Farhan’s beautiful eyes.

The alleged murderer was arrested on Sunday night, after which there was a hue and cry in the Pakistani media. The Pakistani government demanded Farhan to be let off. It was suggested that Pakistan might produce murderers, but India has a dual set of laws for Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis. “One of the conditions at the time of the 1947 Partition was that India should have two sets of laws. Pakistanis can’t be accused by Indians, of anything like murder, terrorism, or being caught with undeclared money at the airport,” says a Pakistani historian well-known for his authenticity.

Pakistani kids are taught in early childhood that “nothing is impossible, as long as India is our neighbour”. Pakistanis have been migrating to India for reasons like jobs, losing weight, gaining fame, committing crimes, etc for a long time. Over time, Pakistan has taken lessons from India’s dual-laws system, and has now formed separate laws for Americans and non-Americans in its own country (however, it still doesn’t give a damn about separate laws for Indians). This is not to protect any USA-Pakistan peace process, but the USA → Pakistan aid-process.

“Even if there are separate laws like this, India and Pakistan aren’t going to be friends, and USA isn’t going to stop giving aid to Pakistan,” said an Indian diplomat.

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