To irritate fans more, World Cup 2015 will have more minnows than good teams


The rightful place for the lesser ones

Impressed by Kenya’s 69 all out against New Zealand on Sunday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that World Cup 2015 will have 16 teams, with Ireland, Bermuda, Nepal, Denmark, Canada, Namibia, Kenya, Argentina, Afghanistan, Germany, Netherlands and China already having cemented their place, on account of being “minnows”. The top 10 ODI teams at the end of 2013 will battle it out for the rest of the 4 positions, in a separate World Cup Qualifiers Tournament. This comes when fans are demanding a minnow-free World Cup, to make matches more balanced and interesting.

“We can’t remove the lesser teams, as we’re in love with the quality they bring in. Come on, not every team gets out for scores like 50 and 60. Having minnows will also ensure a good contest, don’t worry,” said ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat. In an innovative business model, the ICC wishes to call a tournament of minnows as the “World Cup”, and do all the earnings from the Qualifiers tournament.

Future World Cups might also have women, midgets and children playing with their teams, so as to garner more minnows for the quadrennial event, which runs more on matches with obvious results, than on the semifinals and final.

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