Being Kamaal R. Khan

If ever you have the strange urge to become like Kamaal R. Khan, aka KRK, you need to follow these not-so-easy steps. Although a strange man we have chosen for this week’s Being, you can attempt to become the true superstar KRK:

Step 1: First wait for yourself to grow as old as 60-year-old man.

Step 2: Once you are sixty years old, start acting like a young 14-year-old cool dude.

Step 3: Wear skin-tight clothes, keep a Charlie Chaplin-type moustache, and keep cool spikes or messy-looking hairstyle.

A tutorial image for you

Step 4: Stop eating until everyone can see your bones.

Step 5: Now you look perfectly like him. All you need to do is start acting like him.

Step 6: Boast about things you don’t have. Make a super-flop movie like Deshdrohi and claim that it was a superhit blockbuster.

Step 7: Catch a person like Rohit Varma. Abuse and beat him as much as you can, and believe that you became a macho by doing that.

Step 8: Make a Twitter account and abuse some famous celebs and propose an actress who is half of your age.

And the superstar KRK is ready. Now just do whatever stupid things you can, and try to maintain your KRK personality.

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