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Engineering students told to go to bed early; govt issues night-time rules

In a desperate bid to make engineering students go to sleep early at night, the Human Resource Development Ministry has announced new rules to be implemented by all recognised engineering colleges in the country.

The announcement came in the wake of the government’s worry that engineering students never go to sleep before 3am.

“The night is for sleeping,” said Minister Kapil Sibal. “These students are disturbing the natural balance. Since they refuse to follow the early to bed, early to rise motto, we are forced to bring out such rules.”

He blamed engineers for the single-digit growth rate of the country and denounced the fact that girls studying in engineering colleges are also following this sleep pattern.

The following are the rules established by Mr. Sibal, on the basis of the recommendation of the “Jaago India Jaago” committee.

A group of engineering students found fooling around at night in their hostel room

1. All students who wish to pursue engineering must sign a bond which states that the signatory shall sleep by midnight, and wake up by 7:00 am. (The timing is relaxed by an hour for SC/ST students, while OBC students can wake up all night.) Failing to do so shall lead to detention upto 3 days or a fine of 500 rupees or both. Flying Squads shall conduct surprise raids in rooms to verify the state of the person inside it. (The minister said this will be very helpful in restricting the working hours of budding engineers by making them more disciplined.)

2. All the engineering colleges in the country (government and self-financed, both) must have snore-o-meters installed in all boys and girls hostels. The reading must not be below 80 decibels during the stipulated sleep time.

3. Games like Counter Strike, Need For Speed, Age Of Empires, etc will be banned at all levels. Jam-sessions on such games would also be illegal. (These shall, however, be allowed during technical fests of colleges.) Movie sessions at night will also be banned. (Students have grown so addicted to movies that they have started watching Tamil, Telugu, Korean, French movies with subtitles since Bollywood doesn’t churn out good movies.) External hard disks of students will be routinely examined by a gazetted government officer.

4. CDs of Lata Mangeshkar’s lullabies will be released for those who cannot sleep on time. Special marks will be given to those who play the CD to sleep.

5. Laptops and desktops intended for use by the students must have auto-shutdown by 11:45 pm and do-not power up before 7:00 am feature. The government shall hire the services of a major software company for the same. All phone calls which extend after 1:30 am will be tapped.

6. The Government, on account of its large-heartedness, keeping the happiness of the students in mind, shall make allowances for night long booze sessions on weekends. Birthday parties must have written permission from the nearest police station.
The minister made it very clear that since engineers are also future voters of the country, the government could not afford to antagonize them.

On being asked as to why only engineering students have been targeted by the government, Mr. Sibal said that the country is generating engineers on a large scale, but facing a dearth of doctors and other professionals. Hence these students have been exempted from this rule—the exemption would hopefully divert some population from engineering towards these streams.

The All India Engineers Forum and Engineer’s Society have condemned these rules. They have called for a nation wide “mass wake up” on a date yet to be scheduled.

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      • Every time you people just laugh the SC/ST/OBC issue.Now I will say some issue.let see how much u understand…
        In early years we SC/ST/OBC people had suffered a lot.Now I am going to give some example of these brutality..
        SC/ST/OBC students were not allowed to sit in class room with other high class students.They had to sit outside and after the class they have to wipe out that place.
        They were not allowed to drink water from the same jar.
        IN Orissa for SC/ST/OBC the entry to Lord Jagannath tample was prohibited.why,Lord Jagannath is higher caste people’s GOD or what?This is the story of true of old time.
        Now also there is a village in Orisaa,Madhy Pradesh and some other where if A SC/ST/OBC people walks down the street than he/she have to erase his/her footprints.How that would be done….I will say you the process.In the back side of that person a PALM tree leave is hanging and it will sweep the road .leaving no foot print.

        If a SC/ST/OBC persons pearent got died than he have to obey the ritual rule for 31 days but for a brahmin and other caste only 11 days .Why?
        Can you give me answare…or you can just pass a comment

        • Relax dude, what you said was right. You’ve been enjoying reservations a lot for the compensation though. Where are those rules now? It was only in the past. So this rule is ok then, but it’s not needed now. Why I say this is, justice is not done to other people because of reservations now a days. People who get seat via reservation are simply enjoying the government money without even studying. They join just because they get the money back and not for studies. What is happening because of this is that, real talented people of other castes miss the same seat in that coll. Even if some ppl get seat, they can’t fund their studies. While money is given to ppl of SC/ST who dont even study, why should the same be denied for these talented ppl? So, I say that there is no need for such reservations in today’s world. People are well educated now. Only reservations have to be made based on the economic background irrespective of any caste. I see the ppl of SC/ST who have money enjoying the government’s money without studying and the ppl of other higher caste, have good marks and yet dont have money to study and face many hardships. There are ppl of SC/ST who study too. I’m only saying about the ones who’re not utilizing/mis-using the facilities provided. No hard feelings, otherwise I wouldn’t say gov has to grant reservation based on economic status irrespective of any caste/religion.

          • Hey Bhaskar…does it really matter if any one is OBC?SC?ST?? Blood is red where ever you go..and as far as the cases you cite in your comment, sir, these practices were adopted by that society which was not read and well educated enough. So there is no point in getting back and digging up the buried past now..as far as this piece is concerned…it was just a satire on the current system.

            I am sorry to say but i too believe,that if at all there has to be any reservation,it must on economic basis which would serve the very purpose of education for all

            so relax..try meeting some broader minded people and your opinion shall change about the thinking of YOUNG INDIA and its YOUTH and i believe that you shall never again complain on this matter 🙂

          • First of all — kudos to the writer.. really nice work man.. crisp..

            as for the SC/ST/OBC issue.. i agree they have faced a lot of racial profiling.. but, as some1 here mentioned, that was some time ago.. nowadays, its 3rd generations who end up enjoying the reservations (grandad got it, dad got it, and so did the son).. they DO NOT need it.. as soon as grandad got it, he was in a position to utilize it to provide a proper education and life to his children.. now dad didnt need it, but he still got it.. result was that he provided all the A-Class facilities to HIS children.. but u know what ?? SON GOT IT TOO !! and who did NOT get it ?? the middle-class “upper caste” guy who couldn’t score a 90+ and faced rejection at 88 while “sonny boy” breezed in with a 70-odd…

            reservation is right — but ONLY for the truely “backward” ones.. not the hypocrites who simply use this constitutional flaw to their advantage !!

        • dude.. if u dono the reservation system was originally decided for a period of 20 yrs.. but due to political plays of vote bank u guys r being favored… all the rest of India is fairly large hearted to have been quite till yet.. The sc/obc today r are jst taking things for granted.. have you ever thought of the number of deserving people loosing onto their career and jobs coz of the brutal partiality…

        • hello dude. y u people always hav a cry of begin obc/st / sc. . govt has given u freedom in night hrs sleep . i think soon u r going to get relaxation in kissing in public areas. and some day after u r going to to have “that” freedom also. so wat u people need to is to hav a I.D. as a backward class member on ur neck and then u can do wat ever u wanna do.

  • This is ridiculous, if Mr. Sibal is serious about it. The reasons given are more funny than the rules….. I guess a person “who finds no ir-regularities done while 2G spectrum distribution” and is making remarks like “will Lokpal be able to provide Education & Health care to the citizen”, What anyone could expect from him than these kind of rules….

    By the way ask him what if student is not residing in college hostel???

    • the most rediculous and idiotic rule…it seems that every ministry is loosing his mind after the 2g spectrum….and mst funny thng is the reservation on sleeping…

      • hey…its not a rule as of yet…its a satire on the engineers throughout India and the current govt’s plans to control everything… 🙂

        • Superb Article Aashish!!! Excellent Satire! Beautifully written! 🙂 but must say, comment section is even more humorous 😛 Keep it up!

    • Navnit bhaiya…may be someday Mr. Sibal would have such thought…but for present…its just a satire on all engineering students
      (me included):P and the HRD ministry…:D

    • Its nor a joke ..its satirical how the govt wants to control everything today but fails badly at it… 😉

  • The most awesome part here is, Navnit Raj thinks these rules are real. I bet he’s waiting for the flying squad to knock on his door, one of these nights.

    Grow up, mate.

    • not only him mate..a lot of my frnds asked if this was true!! and i bet many mai have nightmares of flying squads knocking at their door!! 😉

  • aashish…… yeh to wahi topic hai jiske bare mai humlog discuss kar rahe the us din subah 4 baje…..
    its turn out to be a very liking article….
    good work …..:)

    • ji Tapas Sir..its the same topic i had discussed with you about.. juss so happy ki so many ppl liked it 😀

  • Good article! But should not have written Tamil and Telugu along with French and Korean. You see, there is a difference. Tamil, Telugu are Indian languages dude! That part was not appropriate.

    • First..Thanxx kamal…secondly..the reason i mentioned Tamil and Telugu films is coz most of us here love watching these movies but only with subtitles as we dont understand the languages..Please dont take it in wrong sense!! 🙂

  • indian govt will never do any development work.but one thing indian fucking politicians have learnt from their childhood, to blame.they are finding engg. students for d single digit growth rate of india they won’t accept abt their fucking policy but impose several new rules.d interesting thing is that in that also they are playing games i.e giving relaxation to OBC n SC/ST.

    it really sounds how fucking our political system is.but i’d like to say don’t play with us Mr Sibbal.we do have our own feelings.when time’ll come we’ll fuck ur fucking political systm so don’t play with us.

    • Hey Vivek its not any rule as of yet…just a satire on the government’s attitude to control everything and failing regularly on every count …

      and Yes..i do agree with you that when our time comes we will show what we are..:D

  • Agar aisa koi rule implement ho gaya to Mr. Kapil Sibbal dhol baaje k saath prove kar denge ki puri duniya me unse bada koi chutiya na tha na hai aur na hoga. Ye rule laga to IIT’s ke hamare jaise har student ko fine dena padega. Aur phir fine ke rupayee bhi yahi kha jayenge. The fuckng Indian Politicians………. 😀

    • Yes Abhishek you are right..and not only IITan’s, each engineering student will pay more fine than fees..aint it? 😉 and you are to the point on the fine money being gulped by the ministers and politicians!!


    • Yes Rajesh!! For now its a joke or satire… but if this Govt continues its control policies ..it might soon be a reality 😛

  • Awesome!
    Sibal is gonna commit suicide or will land up in some hospital for sure after reading this.. 😀

    • Just wish the same as u Saumya… not for death..but upto hospital will work!! 😛 and thnxx for liking 😀

  • yeh chutiyapa hai……we are in a free country we have right what we want to do and no one like him can impose such rubbish rules on us….fuk off!!!!!!!

    • Nopes! Its just a satire… and u r not the first one to voice this concern… 😛 but chill…its just another piece of writing!! 😀

  • My dear Indian Gandu politician.. If you really have dare then show it and publish rule.

    We will show you how engineers can break all rules very smartly.. Every where they need reservation, would you like get reservation from the God while dieing: God i am OBC i need one year to live.. lol.!!

    Its my life & my rules.. Tere baap ki nahi..

    • aye aye Alam…agree wid u…but i bet the govt. can never think of such a rule…so chill buddy!! 🙂

  • awesme!!!
    Starting mein toh laga jaise sach mein ‘rules’ would be there….
    hahaha…..really very appreciable…..:)

  • Hey thanx Jagdeep… and its not only u…tumhe starting mai aisa laga..may ppl fell for it ki yehi rules hain!!! 🙂 so i guess u r in the clearer lot.. 😀

  • Interest to hear why they are severely in need of this rule only on the engrs.
    Much keenly they have watched us….Nothing to refuse…..But shit…This govt is all d way giving permission to 100 engg clgs per week.Who is controlling the numbers?This HRD doesn’t have any other work? Thousands of Indian people in most countries like Arabian regions,Malaysia are lost all their sleeps and has been refused basic human needs itself.Why this HRD never cares them?????
    seems like we were better treated in the british Colony age……

    • Hey Mahe…its no rule as of yet buddy..so chill but i agree with your thoughts and differ on one that we were treated better in Colonial age.

      A free INDIA is much better than colonial one in any standards!! 🙂 😀

  • very perfect observation and presentation..some ppl r so expert that they watch alll these movies without subtitle dude…. :xD

    write more !!! good-luck (upcoming chetan bhagat)

      • not only your article man your reply to other comments are also impressive…is this your first article ??.. if not then send me others too… 🙂

        • Hey Vivek….first Thanxx all over again…and no..this ain’t my first article..just click on my name at top u get to see all my articles… 😀

  • too good…had fun reading the entire article 🙂 The best part is of reservations on sleeping. Well… softwares to switch off @ 11:45 n self on @ 7 am is an innovative thought, though sibal can’t think this much 😛

    Superlike buddy 🙂

    • Hey Pooja…Thanks for the appreciation…:D I bet Mr Sibal cant think enough to handle the HRD ministry properly 😛

  • Hi buddy…well i read all ur articles, it was nice reading them all. I have started a group on facebook, ECHO , the voice within. It’s about writing on all genres + one can post any links, videos , pictures. read the descriton part for details. It will be glad if u join it and share ur articles there too … hope to see u there …check the page link given below 🙂

  • WTF?
    do these government people think they have the right to interfere in basic rights of student about when to sleep and when to wake up. f**k this rule. f**k kapil sipal. We need freedom

    • Hey Mayavi…i m tired of clarifying now..but its not any rule as of now…!! so chill..make peace here…!! 😀

  • they depriving us our freedom to live like our wish.its our decision to sleep at 3am or 4am. govt has no right to ask us to sleep at 11.45pm. mother f**ker kapil sipal
    we should join together and have nationwide protest against this

    • they depriving us our freedom to live like our wish.its our decision to sleep at 3am or 4am. govt has no right to ask us to sleep at 11.45pm. mother f**ker kapil sipal

      we should join together and have nationwide protest against this

      • Hey Gulan…. dont swear upon buddy…its just a satire note buddy!! so nation wide protest…chillax 😀

  • if this rule comes
    i’ll say gudbye to insti
    and from next day onwards i’ll be in some jail
    and mother f**ker kapil sibal will be no more.

  • im glad to c this bil being passed soon. this wil reduce electricity consumtion during night, n can be used for bettr purpose

    • Hello Sir…as of now the government has no such intentions to pass such a bill..and i dont think it can ever… so ..i think we are at peace here with the government… 🙂

  • Awesome Dude!!! A nice satire.. you have grabbed very fine nerves of the engineering students… specially (all). you have almost caught everything which engineering students ofcourse won’t like.

    Was it possible to write something on group studies during night? I hope u will get some idea… But really Marvelous . Keep it up buddy

  • Superb ask Mr. Sibal to change the course line first, 40 odd subjects in 4 years then practicals and yup prep for CAT and M.tech.
    Classes from 9-5, tough competion.

    And there so called reservations wht shuld a normal guy will do,
    And the biggest mockery is relaxation to Sc/St and obc ppl. Now we need reservation in sleeping to, the day is not far when we will be needing reservation to breathe…

    utter nonesense……………

  • Lame points, especially 4th point..

    “4. CDs of Lata Mangeshkar’s lullabies will be released for those who cannot sleep on time. Special marks will be given to those who play the CD to sleep.”

  • Hey, Gr8 Article. Still i didn’t get the main thing.: Is it Really true that Mr. kabil sibal has announced somewhere in press because i never read it anywhere except this page or its mere an article u have written that one day govt. might take such actions?

    • Hey mukul…thnxx man.. and the fact is that its not a news of now…!!! its merely an article… 🙂

  • Lame too strict I think they should try Meditation at night I do it before i go to bed and it really helps me sleep and I also have a Air Fresher in my room that has the Scent of Lavender to really help me relax. try it believe me it works.

  • arey isme OBC/SC/ST ka difference kahan se aagaya, do the people belonging to general category are borned with some extra powers.. F**K OFF!!!!

    “1. All students who wish to pursue engineering must sign a bond which states that the signatory shall sleep by midnight, and wake up by 7:00 am. (The timing is relaxed by an hour for SC/ST students, while OBC students can wake up all night.) Failing to do so shall lead to detention upto 3 days or a fine of 500 rupees or both. “

  • after some day we will find a new act “all general category ppl can do sex only for 1 hour and there will be a relaxation of 2 hours for SC/ST and OBC”

  • rofl!!!!!!!!!
    m speechless aftr readin these new rules enforced by KAPIL SIBBAL!!!!!!
    tht exemption for SC/ST students part was awsome!!!

  • kya gandha pakaya………….. gawd.. engg ppl hav d awsomest nd koolest way of living.. let us live d way we want to.. nd stop fckin our LIFESTYLE…….

  • bro quickly remove this blog coz i’m sure that these folks might go on a strike on this issue and u’ll land in2 trouble for starting the mischief… he he 😉 and frm next time restrict such blogs for people with IQ above 135 of course with suitable relaxations for you know who…

  • Its awesome writing dude. And Hats off for your wonderful thought. Particularly the relaxation part was fabulous. It’s so funny that People has enough confidence on our HRD the they are gonna implement this 🙂 .

  • man this is insane , that why i vote for them and next one either ..

    when i was in engieenring i use to wake up at sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 2 am to use free hours of broadband

    fuck u all mother fuckers for bullshit thoughts ,, u guy already ruined engineering curriculum dont ruin the engieers now

  • i just cant understand what is he thinking about engineering students.
    why he is giving concession to the sc/st/obc?
    it should not be at least in this case.
    ok.lets c what happens?

  • awesome …. by d way ashish r u from any IIT or NIT ?? coz am from NITK suratkal , n this is what happening in r hostels( night out, booze party, late night chatting,etc…).

    • yes dude…….i am from I.I.T.In our colleges like that only man…….
      night out before examinations……….sleeping at 3 0r 4 am…..
      in weekends sleeping at 6am and wake up at 1 or 2 pm………..

  • now our country will produce the real engineers and medical or other streams ke students apne desh ka naam uncha karenge……

    support for our ministers boz sabhi ministers ch***ya hote hain……


  • Hey Mr. bhaskar

    You did not reply after that comment .. what happened .. i think you have already got enough reply … so what are you going to do now .. again going to cry in front of the Kapil Sibbal or Arjun Singh .. we want reservation in commenting on blogs or news as well .. Gen Category people do more comments than any reserved cast … and they have enough evidence and argument to prove you all wrong … :huh … someone mentioned Reservation rule for 20 yrs .. so let me correct him .. it is for 10 yrs only …. as Congress in power and they couldnt have do much for the country so they keep extending this rule … and one more point Bhaskar .. what do u think after getting reservation can you change the mentality of the people… before changing any1 .. first try to change yourself … you still think yourself to related with something lower caste or like that .. thats y you come out in this way … stop living in the past dude .. there are many things which can be changed in the present .. so try to concentrate on that …

    Kudos to Writer .. really nice work .. i did the same thing when i was in college .. 😉

  • Awesome article bro.Luved the SC/ST part(So true)
    Iam Tamil and I watch Hindi flicks wit subs 😉
    Plz write more of these 🙂
    And plz try not 2 write 2 much in hindi.Atlest give translations 🙂

    And next time u might wanna add “this is not true” 😛 😉

  • hehe…n1…there is no way engineering students can wake up at 7 even if they sleep at 8pm at night unless its a night out…

  • why this mr. sibal?
    why not decrease the study hours at college so that students may sleep that time.. the time invested by students in college hours is too much and they are unable to grasp maximum of it due to continuous lectures…
    make some rules against universities in correspondence to this.

    L: LOO

    I M GONNA *PISS* over sibbal head…To insure how ADSORPTION value his head have…

    RESERVATION SEAT ::– SC/ST can give HIM a HARD KICK on HIS ASS and a punch on his face..

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