Govt is toying with 2G matter too much, only to cover other bigger scams: BJP

New Delhi:
Hardly a week after the Congress accused Julian Assange of being a secret BJP leader (News Report), the BJP has also come out with counter-accusations saying that the puppet government is toying with the 2G scam a bit too much now. “The government is doing it to keep news channels as well as the common man busy, and thus to avoid attention on the other scams and ‘legal’ works being carried out in the country,” said BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar today. 

Every time Congress shows its hand to slap the BJP, the BJP comes up with something

Speaking to scribes, Javadekar said that it was all a plan conceived by the former Telecom minister A. Raja and his good friend Niira Radia. Clarifying the party’s stand on the issue, he said, the Congress high command had given the task to Raja to come up with something real good so that the news channels and people remained glued to it to cover all other issues that had come up at the time. That is why, he alleged, the 2G matter did not come up during the World Cup. “The Clever Congress knew that people had a religion to follow between February 19 and April 2,” he said. He went on to claim that a top news channel had still been paid by the ruling party to run a 24-hour coverage on the spectrum scam, during the World Cup, so that viewers did not forget and remained loyal to the issue.

Adding further, he said it all started with CAG (another government body) pegging the loss in the spectrum allocation at 1.76 lakh crore due to mismanagement. “This was all neatly planned and executed. This is why Raja resigned in haste since he had been promised the Home Ministry the next time (if it comes at all), if he did the 2G homework properly. And now since he has been successful in his task, he is basking in glory of being yet another scamster in the current government.”

The BJP asked the government from where it comes up with new revelations on the same issue—a scam which they now believe never actually happened—every day. “Some day they come up with news of politics down south and the other day it is Niira Radia accusing Sharad Pawar of controlling controversial company DB Realty. Miss Radia, he could not handle the  BCCI and our cricketers properly, how can he handle a real estate business! Think before you accuse,” as Javadekar sarcastically put it.

In a press meet that lasted for about four long hours, he wondered about the disappearance of all the news about the Adarsh society issue and the PDS (wheat and other foodgrains) scam, that are yet to be properly evaluated by authorities and have been pegged at Rs 200,000-plus crore. “These scams are worth much more than the spectrum thing. Since the people of India are very innocent, the government is playing with their emotions. They must be secretly having a Minister for Television News Management to Cover Up Governmental Deeds.”

As a conclusion for the press meet, Javadekar demanded immediate CBI enquiry and a JPC, failing which the party planned to stall the working to the upcoming Monsoon session. Concluding his press meet, he quipped, “Vote for us into power next time and you shall be busy all 5 years. See, we have already given you enough fodder for a week’s news, beyond 2G. Keep chewing!”

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