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Sachin’s much-awaited 100th century may bring natural calamities, say astrologers

[News in Brief] Mumbai:
Despite the Little Master getting a hundred in an IPL match here against Kochi, the Mumbai Indians failed to win the encounter, thus once again fuelling the idea that Sachin’s centuries bring a bad omen to his team. This effect was seen in ODIs till now, but this T20 match further strengthened the belief many fans have in their mind about the negative effects of a Tendulkar century. The idea of this happening in a T20 match is more alarming, and an astrologer, for a TV channel, predicted that the “much-awaited 100th international hundred would bring more social catastrophes”. 

A much-awaited and hyped century can bring more curses than just defeat of the team, believe astrologers

This was followed by many other fortune-tellers saying similar things. The famous evil-looking astrologer for India TV said, ”… there could be a natural calamity like tsunamis, earthquakes on Sachin’s 100th moment, so people should be wary and well-prepared for it.”

Even eminent astrologer Bejan Daruwalla didn’t avoid giving an opinion, “He is God, as we all know, and there are chances that he has planned the End of the World of 2012 earlier, and will be bringing up his 100th hundred next year only.” Numerous astrology-believers in India suddenly called for Sachin’s retirement before 2012 comes. Baba Ramdev has announced that he will begin a nationwide yajna campaign to nullify the ill-effects of a Sachin century.

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