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Youngster blames discrimination by govt for uneven distribution of rains

Barring selected regions of the country, it seems that monsoons are finally here, providing huge relief to wary Indians in most parts of the country. The entire country is expected to be engulfed in showers by the end of this month. However, in an unprecedented development, Aniket Gupta, a 20-year-old engineering student from the sleepy town of Ajmer in Rajasthan, has filed a complaint in Ajmer High Court, blaming the government for the lack of rainfall received in his town. His plea specifically questions the integrity of environment minister Jairam Ramesh, accusing him of engineering a government policy of utter discrimination.

Aniket says, “Jairam Ramesh believes that Ajmer is a third-class city, and hence, the cold shoulder treatment. We are suffering due to the lack of water in our fields and homes, and all the government cares about is the so-called elite first-class cities. Look at the way it has been raining in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. They do not even need that much rain. My friends in Mumbai are having paper boat races in their 2nd-floor hostel rooms. Our children also want to play football and go on romantic dates in the rain.”

There has been a wave of resurgence in Rajasthan’s arid areas, following Aniket’s bold step. Student politician Rohit from Boondi says, “We pledge full support to Aniket Bhai for this quest of his. This discrimination has been going on for years now. If he needs us for a hunger strike or a candle light vigil, we will readily provide those services, free of cost.”

Aniket has blamed the environment minister for the treatment meted out to Ajmer

Aniket, however wants this to be as low-key as possible. He believes that strikes are disruptive and publicity-mongering events, that’s why he has resorted to a judicial complaint. He has full faith in the ability of the judiciary to see reason. “We are citizens of this country and have equal rights. We also want to put status messages like Lovely Rains, Awesome Mausam and When it rains, all one can do is to let it rain on Facebook. I want to show these Mumbaikars and Bangalorites that even we can show off. I hope my litigation serves its purpose and the government takes necessary steps for our satisfaction.”

Leading filmstars like Poonam Pandey, Chunkey Pandey and Mahakshay Chakraborty have also offered to give their full support to the cause. “Reality shows do not call us anymore, and we are desperately craving for attention. This looks like a sensible and just request, unlike all the corruption crap that has been going on. It will at least help us pass our time,” said an over-enthusiastic Chunkey. Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan declined to comment as usual.

The government on the other hand has wasted no time at all in branding Aniket as an RSS agent and conspirator, dismissing his lawsuit as a frivolous and spiteful attempt to tarnish the tolerant image of the government. The government’s all-purpose man Kapil Sibal says that the case does not have any legal substance. “Mumbai and Bangalore obviously deserve their share of rainfall due to their contribution to the economy, being the finance and IT hubs of the country. Mumbai also needs extra rains to enhance the hotness quotient in all those romantic and titillating scenes in Murder 2. Apart from namkeens, kachoris, kites and IITians, what else has Rajasthan contributed, that it should deserve these rains?” wondered an irritated Sibal. “At this point, all we can give them is a year’s supply of tear gas”.

The court hearing is scheduled for Monday. Aniket is going over every clause and argument threadbare, having roped in Arun Jaitley and KD of Sony TV as his legal experts. He is very hopeful of being successful, despite the high-handed and authoritarian attitude of the government. We can only wait with bated breath for the ruling in this path-breaking and revolutionary case. Meanwhile, Chetan Bhagat has also lapped up this issue and is trying to be desperately funny about it on Twitter. Needless to say, no one is listening.

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