Dalit family refuses to serve dinner to Rahul Gandhi, citing high food prices

The Dalit family being visited by Rahul Gandhi in an Uttar Pradesh village yesterday has made headlines by refusing to provide him any dinner. “He should carry his own food with him if he thinks food grains are so cheap,” the head of the family told Rahul’s bodyguards, when they asked him for a glass of milk and a plate of the lowest quality of food possible, for a ten-second paid photoshoot by a news channel. He also refused to let him into his house, because he felt that it was a joke, and that Rahul would go back to New Delhi and make fun of his hut with his friends.

The family has drawn praise from other families who have previously made headlines for serving food to Gandhi. One of the farmers who once fed Rahul Gandhi in his hut said, “We were very sad when Mr. Gandhi called our home jhopda. Since the cameraman said ismile, we smiled for the camera, otherwise we were very unhappy. We fully support our Dalit bhai.” The village sarpanch also said in support, “We are a village of poor people. Since the government has increased prices for food, we are barely able to feed our families. I think the government should check its policies. Food inflation has reached such levels that politicians like Mr. Gandhi have to resort to eating at a dalit’s house to fill his stomach.”

Rahul Gandhi has a meal at a hut, as farmers hide their anger and look on, helplessly.

Visibly angered by the daredevilry, the youth leader–turned–farmer leader declared the family as “implants” planted by Chief Minister Mayawati to sabotage his visits and tarnish his image. He told the media that he had clearly seen the girl of the family drawing an elephant in her notebook which is an evidence that they are Mayawati supporters. “This is jungle raj; it is because of elephants ruling the state that the people of Uttar Pradesh can dare to mistreat future Prime Ministers of the nation,” he said. He refused to comment on the claim that he was not given food due to high food prices.

One of the villagers, whose name is a swear word in an African language (thus we are unable to publish it), said, “Mr. Gandhi shouldn’t come to our houses asking for food. If he wants our support, he should do something to capture our interest, like organise a dance by Mallika Sherawat.” “Behenji” Mayawati, who is busy these days buying rakhis for the whole nation, was unavailable for comments. But her party members have denied anything to do with the family.

The BJP, surprisingly has expressed grave concern over the event, instead of using it for the struggle against inflation. A BJP spokesperson said that future Prime Ministers, if denied food, would get upset and would make Manmohan Singhs in future. One of Mr. Gandhi’s bodyguards, who initially refused to comment but started blurting out everything after seeing the hottest of our reporters, claims that Rahul will fight back by starting a fast. He will only break it only after the Dalit families he chooses every few days offer him food. “Mr. Gandhi also believes that this will help him get a good figure and make him look good for meeting the participants of Slut Walk (Besharmi Padyatra Morcha). In case Mayawati tries to intervene in this, he will say the ‘original and self composed’ slogan, ‘Jaa Jaa Jaa. Go to hell. Jaa Chudail. Jaa Chudail. Jaa Chudail,'” tells the bodyguard.

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  • Digvijay Singh in Press Conference : “These two news editors are must be backed by RSS Activists to defame our future Leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi.May be he must have felt hungry that’s not a crime 🙂 or home made food prepared by his mother and our beloved leader Miss. Sonia Gandhi might have tasted poisonous. :)”

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