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Media that talks of the spirit of Mumbai, unable to put life back in the dead

They came to kill, they did kill. They came to terrorise, they did terrorise. You are no James Bond. You did call your beloved ones to check if they are fine. You did make calls, mind numbed, heart beating, to confirm that they are safe and unaffected amidst the drama of death. They came to see us cry, we didn’t laugh out at their face.

Compare: He was going home, he never came back. She had gone to meet her brother after 3 years, she lost her hearing power. He had gone to celebrate his birthday with cakes and beer, he ended up celebrating it with flesh and blood.

This is in response to everyone who wants to salute Mumbai’s “never-ending spirit of life”.

I want to tell them, life goes on, not because we are spirited, but because it has to go on. Just because India TV, Zee News, Aaj Tak and The Times of India said so, our life doesn’t go on with happiness and contentment, once grieved. Ask the families of those affected.

To the best of optimists, reading about Mumbai getting back on track can be cheering enough. To some, the idea may be encouraging. To such people, the media gives life and cheer and hope. Yes, we do cheer up in a day, thanks to the media. The ones whose loved ones got injured, may cheer up in a month or two. The ones whose loved ones died, may cheer up in a year or two. Life goes on.

Our media forces spirits into some as soon as the blasts strike. They force life back into those who are crying.

But if our media can, they ought to force life back into the dead.

And if they can’t, the terrorists won, not Mumbai. A life lost is a loss.

May mediahouses send their reporters to check the spirits of the ones in the hospitals. Interview them. “How are you feeling?” “Does it pain when I touch you?” “Tell our viewers that you are happy.” “Here’s the camera, go on, tell the terrorists you are not affected. TELL them. We’ll pay you.”

It’s like standing on a leg, and forgiving the one who took the other leg off. Smiling at him. And saying, “Hi! I’m fine!”

Spirits. A source of sympathy for the Great Mumbaikar.

Spirits. Life. The Never-Ending Spirit of Mumbaikars. Of Indians. To fool themselves. And to say we are not afraid of terrorists. Come, strike us.

We should salute the spirits, not of Mumbai, but that of the killers and the sinners, who continue to grow strong as we cry and mourn. Salute, to the spirits of the hearts of dung, who always move on in the job they do best—unaffected by the cries and the wails, the corpses and the anarchy. You can’t fool them. If you’re scared, admit it.

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  • Indifference is all that there is to it.
    When I heard of it first, it registered in my mind as ‘just another blast’. That’s what the mentality of a Mumbaikar has grown into. Apathy! And we mistake it for resilience.

  • Saw one post in TOI : ” Just how many more anniversaries are we gonna observe ?”. The list goes on and on, and every time there is the tale of spirit, like a children’s lullaby, urging us to go on with it. When will enough be enough ???

  • I don’t get this mentality of our govt. , keeping HIM alive feeding him.

    Spending lacs of rupees daily on a convict for no good reason.

    THis ain’t sanity !

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