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Girl writes her name in Hindi for the first time since Class X board exam, feels ecstatic

It all began with what was supposed to be few moments of leisure. It had been twenty minutes since her boyfriend had assured her that he was almost there and would reach in just five minutes. She had been excited about meeting him after a month of his foreign visit. But, cometh the boyfriend, goeth the excitement—the excitement of the reunion, that is. Sitting on the table, with a pen in hand, with nothing else to do, Sonya Gandhi had scribbled her name in the Devanagari for the first time ever since she passed out of school ages ago. The excitement was such that even her boyfriend’s arrival could not dominate over the ecstasy of having achieved the impossible.

Sonya chirped, “Oh woman! I was bored; I chewed fingernails, made hearts on the paper, all shapes and types, the broken, happy and the MMS heart, but nothing seemed to help. And before I could know, I was writing my name in Hindi! The pen wrote on its own, while I was lost in my thoughts… and a minute later, it looked like some alien language that I knew in the past. The thing that I saw on the sheet of paper… it reminded me of class X board exams. A minute later, I recognised it as my own name I used to write in Hindi when I was a kid. Can you guys believe it!!”

When was the last time you wrote your name in Hindi, unless you're a Hindi student?

This has led to a tremendous excitement in Sonya and her friend circle. “The best thing is that, all of these girls are now busy trying their hand at how much they remember the Hindi language. They don’t consider it good to read or write Hindi now, sigh,” said Sonya’s mother. “Yes,” a girl agreed, “I just tried writing a dozen swear words in Hindi. It looked so funny, when my friend slowly read out फ… क… ऑ…फ…, (as slow as if she had just learnt reading), and then realised she had just read fuck off. Now we are busy playing Hindi versions of all games we played earlier.”

Her excitement is all worth. She and many of her friends had forgotten that Hindi could be written also. Like most of her friends, her life also revolves around English novels, internet slang, short forms, SMSing Hindi words in the English (Roman) script et al. “I myself thought the Hindi alphabet ran like a, ba, sa, da, and so on. They do the numbering of questions that way in some Hindi books at school, not my mistake. Only last week, my kid cousin came and started reciting ka, kha, ga, gha, … and then I recalled, man! This was the Hindi alphabet,” said the boyfriend. “The CBSE should remove Hindi altogether to prevent student suicides,” he suggested.

The last time Sonya and her friends read something in pure Hindi was when they chanced upon some Hindi story book when cleaning her house for Diwali. “We were in splits and had so much of laughter that day when we read all the Hindi words and tried to write a few of them,” said one of her friends present there. “This is undoubtedly one of the rarest phenomena in our life. We hardly know how to use the correct grammar and the correct words. And now see what this girl has done. I wonder if she has chanced upon some magician and learnt this art. By the way, today I realised the new rupee symbol was the ra of Hindi!”

Sonya’s parents seemed worried and were thinking of taking her to a psychiatrist since she wrote in a lingo she had not read for a while. Her mother was also thinking of taking her to some quack doctor known for his healing prowess. The girl has already become a phenomenon in her locality after she achieved this rare feat. Even the boyfriend of the girl was more than happy and had already elaborate plans for Hindi script in their marriage. In amusement, he will soon get a tattoo on his hand with his lover’s name, in Hindi. “I’ll try to get a good font in Hindi. I hope they have Comic Sans in Hindi also.”

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