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Google’s special I-Day doodle showing India’s true face banned by government

The UPA’s Monarchy of Democratic India has banned the special Google doodle dedicated to India’s 65th Independence Day. The doodle, as we know, shows two faces: the face of the Indian government as the first “O” and the condition of the citizens in India as the second “O”. The government claims it to be extremely offensive and misleading. In an unofficial statement, Congressman Digvijay Singh has said that he would file a suit against Google in the Supreme Court, accusing them of defaming the government and trying to create a situation of unrest among the citizens. The government has given a condition to Google to avoid serious consequences: Google should show the government’s face as the sad face, and the citizen’s face as the happy one. “The way the Indian citizen has been shown in the doodle is the wrong story. It might even lead to a ban on Google in India,” said a spokesperson. Here’s a glimpse of the controversial doodle:

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Rajat Goel


  • Well Anna Hazare is challenging the constitutional authority of Parliament, which is not acceptable.

    We shouldn’t forget that its an elected govt. and we are the people who had voted for it. It represents THE authority.

    • Elected representatives don’t have free right to do whatever they want & misuse of power given to them by citizens. Enough of never ending inquiries now its time for judgement, now its time for accountability towards citizen of this country for proper governance. Its tax paid public money which is being running Parliament and now as mature democracy its representative need to be more accountable and face the consequences for any wrong doing or act which is not in the interest of nation or its citizens.
      Congress and its supporter trying to avoid and dilute this entire movement by coming out with excuses like “Challenging the Constitutional authority of Parliament”.
      why Parliament does not bring strong bill for this issue should be the question?

    • Everything can be challenged sir. Constitution was created at a time and time changes; so why not the constitution and the associated attributes to it. The constitution assumes that its creators and protectors to be honest and loyal to the country. Is that the scenario we have today?

      And ban of Google in India!!!! – Thats the funniest one I have heard so far.
      I suppose the present govt. SHOULD take this step. This will make almost every internet user in India really mad and those who sit in front of their computers all day long will come out in the open just to vote out these traitors.

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