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[Columns] Some Myths Teachers Have About Us: An Open Letter to All Our Teachers

Dear Teachers,
It is clear that over time, we have drifted apart. On the eve of this Teachers’ day, let us re-strengthen the foundations of the teacher–student relationship; let us get rid of all the miscommunication that has crept between us, and let us be friends again.

After thorough research and inspection, we have identified the few myths teachers have about the student community. We, hereby, hope to clear the air!

  • We intentionally turn up late in the class: No, we don’t. Please understand that with the advent of laptops, Facebook, and well, love, despite our best efforts we end up sleeping late. You will appreciate the fact that logic dictates we can’t wake up early thereafter. And yet, we try our best. Unfortunately, traffic, Delhi’s water blues (we can’t come without a shower now, can we?), and Mummy’s aloo ke paranthe make a deadly combination and we get late.
  • We yawn in the class to mock the teaching: Not in the wildest of dreams. Again, the reasons are same as the above point. Deprived of sleep, we fail to understand a word being said in the class. So, naturally we fall into the arms of drowsiness, into the thoughts of the ‘girls’ we love. The yawn is thus merely symbolical of the pure heart that we have, nothing more, nothing less.
  • We respond with a blank stare, when asked a question, to get under the skin of teachers: Believe it or not, we are very peaceful people (barring some anomalies, of course). We don’t want to get under anyone’s skin, let alone our respected teachers. It is just that we don’t have the wildest idea what the answer to the question is. Please note that since we were yawning in the earlier classes, and not concentrating on a thing being said in the class, it is only logical.
  • We give proxy attendance, just for the fun of it: This is the one myth that has perhaps fragmented our relationship beyond repair. We would hereby like to categorically state that we never give proxy attendances to prove our so-called talent. It so happens that when a friend’s name is called out, and we don’t find him/her in the class, our hearts beckon us to say yes on his/her behalf. We care so much about our friends that we put ourselves on the line. Surely, you know the value of a friend, don’t you?
  • We sneak in from the backdoor of the classroom the moment the teacher turns his back, to befool him: It couldn’t be farther from the truth. The thing is that we love your teaching, we love when you try to explain us things you know very well we wouldn’t understand. But, we don’t want to deprive you of the opportunity to try. So, in the end, it’s all about our humbleness you see.
  • We always give fake medical certificates to make up for our short attendances: Believe it or not, we too are humans. And, we fall sick too. We might be exaggerating a little bit about the severity of the disease such as reporting fever as malaria, or simple nausea as full-blown typhoid, but then who doesn’t?
  • We have no respect for teachers: We have the utmost respect for teachers. More so, for the ones, who respect us for being respectful students.  Love isn’t unidirectional, neither is respect. Everything must be mutual. Why not bury the hatchet and respect us for a change? We will respect you infinitely more, for sure.

The yawn and the sleeping gestures are merely symbolical of the pure heart we have.

Also, we would like to remind you that we turn a blind eye to your indiscretions as well—such as your flirtatious moments with that pretty lab assistant, or your moments of rage ridiculing the very college you teach in, and the very Vice-Chancellor you work under, etc. This is not a threat, only an appeal to see the story from our perspective! We may not have been able to express ourselves in the past, but we implore you to look at us with a renewed hope and vigor. We will live up to your expectations, it’s a promise. We would hereby like to restate the fact that we are merely misunderstood! To be honest, perhaps family and girlfriend are the only two things above teachers in our books (no pun intended).

Like some of us would testify, life in the end is not just about studying, it is about learning, it is about education. And, we thank our teachers for having taught us everything that we know, and also things we don’t know that we know (confused, eh?). We owe you big time, our mentors! Our gurus! Our Heroes!

With Lots and Lots of Love,

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Kumar Pratik

Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark Arts. Just kidding. Part of NTMN since May 2011 and Editor-in-Chief from 2013 to 2014.


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