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Donkeys slam Nasser Hussain for comparing them with Indian cricketers

Former English cricket captain Nasser Hussain’s head is under great danger as donkeys all over India have expressed anger after he compared them with the Indian cricket team during commentary in a recent match. The growing disappointment is all set to make Hussain lose sleep, as asses and mules have also decided to offer unconditional support to the donkey community. The hastily-constituted Akhil Bharatiya Gadha Sangh, with its President Ravindra, has asked Hussain for an apology.

If readers will remember, the last time the donkeys had created a furore was when a leading newspaper had claimed that Priyanka Chopra had a great ass. Back then, the donkeys had vehemently denied anyone from their brotherhood resided with her. The newspaper had then apologised, and this seems to be the way Nasser Hussain will also have to take.

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