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New public heroes and villains signed up as new brand ambassadors

Advertisements are the main reason why a bottle of soft drink, manufactured at somewhere near a rupee or two, is sold into the market at 10 rupees. Post the much-hyped second “freedom” movement, it was inevitable that companies began a fresh round of signing new people up, as their brand ambassadors, which included all those who mattered in the process.

To begin with, Anna Hazare, the prized possession, was signed for an undisclosed amount by Tata Steel.

The second most prized possession, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has taken by ONGC for a huge sum. An ONGC statement said, “Mr. Kejriwal has been very effective in changing what we would have seen tommorow. So we are signing him.”

The public heroes can’t be the only ones to be signed. When the villains are so influencing to the public mind, they also can serve as brand ambassadors in some capacity. Our beloved Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh also agreed to sign a life time contract with a major duct tapes making companies. The company director said that the duct tapes from his company were as efficient as the Prime Minister’s mouth, and “never ever came out”.

The first thing Sonia Gandhi did after reaching India after her arrival from USA from surgery (amidst reports that she had been holidaying in Switzerland to tamper Swiss bank accounts), she agreed to sign a periodic contract with Yatra.com. The period of her Yatra, she specifically mentioned, would be at times when the country needed her the most to dictate lessons to the prime minister. She asked for huge amount as signing money and also free tickets to euro-rail and Paris.

Congress dumb-drum Digvijay Singh was signed for a very paltry sum by a beedi company, which had the view that since Singh had no other work but to sit and talk, so he could help market it in the right way. Mr. Singh had no option but to comply and agree to it.

Rahul Gandhi has been signed up by the most expected company. Reportedly, he agreed to do the ad for free in view of the tagline.

Finally, the jack-of-all-trades-a-master-of-none, Kapil Sibal was “hired” by an animal food producing unit. He said he was happy to advertise them as he used the food. (For his cattle, that is.) He willingly signed the contract but not without a signing amount.

He was overheard saying in Hindi “गैय्या घास से दोस्ती करेगी  तो खाएगी क्या ??”

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