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New reality show “Sawaal 32 Ka” challenges Planning Commission members to survive on Rs 32 a day

The television is all set to welcome some of the bigwigs of the Planning Commission as its guests for some days, as a leading channel is all set to start a new reality-based show Sawaal 32 ka. Speaking to scribes, the show producer said that this new show, all set to be aired from next month, had to be conceptualised after the hue and cry over the Planning Commission suggesting that all those who can spend Rs 32 a day are not poor. The media mocked at this suggestion, following which Planning Commission members came forward themselves and offered to be a part of such a show in which they shall be given Rs 32 each day in the morning and they would have to spend those 32 rupees in the entire day. Their family members are also supposed to be a part of the show.

The PC said that they had made the right estimates, and they could prove the same. They have agreed for constant camera surveillance over them for the next 32 days for all 24 hours. The figure of Rs 32 a day didn’t have an effect on the members, until the intelligent media told them that it means spending just Rs 5.5 on cereals, Rs 1.02 on pulses, Rs 2.33 on milk, Rs 1.55 on edible oil per day. A senior member of the commission said that after they declared this new 32 rupees scheme, his son takes only Rs 31 as his pocket money in order to continue remaining a beneficiary of the schemes of Indian Government.

Poor? No. No one is poor.

Meanwhile some Common Man associations, whose members spend as much as Rs 35–50 per day have decided to send in grants to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund in order to help the Planning Commission members who will be surviving on much lesser funds. Some high-earning societies like the Indian Rickshaw Puller Association have proposed to fund the show. Students’ associations will encourage the students with pocket money more than Rs 32 to send SMSes and votes to decide the richest among all the participants.

The channel however also laid down some guidelines for the participants due to which some of the participants were disqualified prior to even participating in the show. Montek Singh Ahluwalia was eliminated from the competition after he was caught buying a banana which costs more than 44 paise. Ashwini Kumar also faced elimination when he drank a cup of coffee containing sugar costing more than 70 paise. 32 members of Planning Commission—from the 28 states and 4 of the union territories—have been identified as participants till now. They have to reach the studio by spending exactly 32 rupees each day of their journey. According to reports, the worst affected by this new report is Dr Manmohan Singh himself, a participant, since he won’t be able to use his tube of “Fair and Handsome cream which costs more than Rs 30, since he will be allowed to allowed to spend only less than 29.6 per month on personal care.

The TV show producer was very excited to have these stalwarts in his show and promised that this show would be a gala affair on the Silver Screen. Bobby Darling and Rakhi Sawant have agreed to be the surprise participants in the show. Rakhi will do a guest lecture on how to survive on less clothes in times of poverty.

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