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On Scrapping the JEE: Are We Moving to the End of Brand IIT?

The one-exam-for-all proposal is another example of how Early Man used to function, when his brain was not fully developed. If I get ill on the eve of this ONE EXAM or maybe spoil my paper, tell me where do I go. We are middle-class people, unlike you. You sought to just milk the IITs’ existing reputation with little substance to back your claims and thereby diluted it to no end, for selfish votebank issues. Trust me, even the slightly educated are NOT voting for you in the next elections.

Disrespected and Ill-reputed Minister,

I begin with my heartiest congratulations to the Indian government and the Ministry for HRD for their latest brain freeze. I believe Om Puri is absolutely correct when he says what he says. I’d even have to agree to the news flashes on India TV that say, “Mantriyo ke CT scan mein unhe paaya gaya dimaag rahit”. Please tell me all this is indeed a bad dream, and you are making an April fool out of us; a liitle late though you are, having probably borrowed S. M. Krishna’s calendar.

There is inflation (increasing petrol prices by a factor of π is a serious insult to Archimedes), corruption, terrorism, and so many other things you can pass your time with. Or, you can even condemn terrorist attacks for a pastime (if there’s no such attack to condemn, start condemning every rape and murder), and we still won’t say anything. You can be the conniving bitch and attempt to demean noble souls by conjuring up a humongous 2.2 lakh scam. We, the gullible Indian public, will not even blink if you go ahead and do a petty 1000 crore scam of your own. (And, if you think we will blink, you can always go on a 3-day fast to redeem yourself.)

But this, dear minister, is absolutely unacceptable. You are playing with the lives and dreams of an entire generation with your stupid schemes and utopian ideas. For your information, IITs and IIMs are the institutes which put India on the world map. Opening up dozens of them has already diluted Brand IIT, but it seems you aren’t satisfied yet. The “Man on a Mission” that you are, I believe you will rest only when you blend IITs with the mediocrity that the rest of our country is used to.

Let me tell you where you exactly went wrong.

The first time it was when you opened so many new IITs to “provide better opportunities” to the students. The students know they aren’t as good. The companies know they aren’t as good and there goes your money down the drain with seats in these “IIT’s” lying vacant. You could have waited a few years until you had the infrastructure or the academia to match the ones existing. But no, you are like the colony ke naïve Sharma uncle and Geeta aunty” who think “IIT, Arre waah bahut Badhiya”. You sought to just milk the IITs’ existing reputation with little substance to back your claims and thereby diluted it to no end, for selfish votebank issues. Trust me, even the slightly educated are NOT voting for you in the next elections.

Then, you went ahead and said that you will give a greater weightage in admissions to Board marks to end the coaching menace, thus “reducing the stress and financial burden on the students”. It could have been a good idea, if the Board exams weren’t unfortunately a test of rote learning instead of understanding. For all I know, the examination system in India ain’t changing until my grandson dies, and hence your proposal is crap. Also, the Andhra Board gives 95% marks away like lollipops and the UP board gives 85% marks to the toppers with a contorted face. How will a bunch of over-intelligent people like you normalize these scores to ensure uniformity? Probably you’ll hire people like yourself and come up with some other superb innovation. For all you care, you might have just extinguished the dreams of lakhs of small-town students.

Jairam Ramesh may have been correct in his assessment that IIT professors are “not that good”. And your noble schemes, I’m glad to announce, will bring in similar “not so good” students into IITs, thereby solving the problem of mismatch. Brilliant. But I can only warn you about the rigours of IITs. A student who has lived in your “stress-free” environment might not be able to handle it and we may have more cases of you-know-what. Isn’t there enough blood on your hands already, minister??

The one-exam-for-all proposal is another example of how Early Man used to function, when his brain was not fully developed. If I get ill on the eve of this ONE EXAM or maybe spoil my paper, tell me where do I go. We are middle-class people, unlike you. We like to have a backup and hence the JEE, AIEEE combination made some sense. Yeah, you did not think of that. I will not say that JEE is something prestigious and should be put on a pedestal and worshipped but the one thing it has done across 50 years, is that it has given to India, some really extraordinary and eminent people.

The payback scheme is another absolutely superb idea. Seriously, who all were in the drafting committee?? My guess: Rakhi Sawant, Navjot Sidhu, Bappi Lahiri, KRK and Arindam Chaudhury and of course You, sir. Such capitalist nonsense could have been brewed only by these geniuses. You say that the fees are insufficient to support IIT and yes I agree to a large extent. But then, where does the money that we do pay, go?? At IIT-B, we live in 6×8 rooms, face frequent water shortage and eat food that is at best cow worthy. Where does the money go?? I think we all know where.

An average IITian earns Rs 6–8 lakhs per annum at the beginning of his career (contrary to the popular and misplaced belief), and if he lives in an expensive city like Mumbai or Bangalore, from where in hell will he bring the money to pay you back? And why is this duty of payback only imposed on the general-category students. The “Others” who live with them, study the same subjects, use the same facilities and get similar paying jobs in the end. Why can they also not support IITs? Is it only the general category’s job to help support the IITs, even though they are slowly being marginalised by the ridiculous malaise of reservation? How much will you keep screwing us, sir, over and over again?

If you really must, increase the fees marginally and gradually. Rope in well-positioned alumni for funding. They are more than generous and willing to help their alma mater. We understand our duties towards IIT and if and when we can, take my word, we surely will contribute. Do not burden a free spirit at the very onset of his career.

Here is a suggestion, which could be useful if I already am not sounding like RSS to you. Go ahead with the unification. It is indeed needed and I am all for it, considering how chaotic it is. But, begin from the beginning at least. You cannot expect Suresh Raina to hit sixes off short pitched balls when all he has done his entire life is, thwacked knee-heighters over midwicket. Give the students a Unified Board Exam first. Standardise that according to the needs of higher education, and consult some sensible people. It is going to take some doing to manage all of that, but why opt for the easy-but-damaging way out! For God’s sake, do not tamper with higher education without improving and implementing things at the grass root primary and higher secondary level.

I can only hope you get some perspective and leave IIT alone. My worst fear is of you trying to make the IIT curriculum less rigorous and hence produce lazy, good-for-nothing, unskilled engineers instead of the well-polished ones. That would indeed be Doomsday. There was a lot more to say but I am fearful you will teargas me. Or you might just unearth the scandal of the Unpaid Booze I sneaked into campus last night, and put me in for life.

Yours Truly
An IITian who is relieved he is passing out before you mess things up

(Illustration: Harsh Veer Jain)

About the author

Mayank Lodha

Hello Everyone
I am Mayank Lodha,currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from IIM Lucknow.For me,writing has evolved from being a hobby to a passion over the years,and I enjoy every bit of opportunity that comes my way.My key area of focus when it comes to satire is Bollywood and the student community.Hope you have fun reading my posts.


  • some ones gona be hurt so bad …kicked him at the right place………..hope he gets the msg at the right time………..

  • dude.. JEE was murdered partially when they changed the format to Objective..

    it made the diff between earlier batches and current ones.. quite objective(if i may) 😛

    I totally agree with everything you’ve written expect having a common exam.. JEE is prestigious.. and should not be tampered with.. A better suggestion is to make it subjective and extremely tough again like the ’90s..

    BITS changed its admission criterion from board marks to BIT-SAT. That has totally changed(read raised) the quality of students. I dun want to be diplomatic here: I totally agree that board exams are crap.. !! Any criterion based on board marks doesn’t make any sense given the current form and evaluation of these exams..

    – an IIT Bombay Alumnus..

    • Yes, you are totally right in your view point…and I agree
      Alas! this government/Minister doesn’t know where the problem lies…
      …………..Some one please tell them
      They are not fixing but degrading the other universities and state boards just to increase their enrollment rates and what not…

      Also the world known pathetic primary schooling..where they are paying teachers so that they remain happy and facilitate in getting them votes as these are the people who guard polling booths and conduct elections…forgive me if am wrong…there is no Value of quality in this country they just believe in quantity!!!

      ISM D, IIM I

  • Anmol
    Thank you for the feedback
    Subjective JEE was obviously tougher and better.Reverting to it completely though,might not be possible.We can have a mixed type of paper instead.Bitsat option is brilliant.I don’t know why it didn’t hit me (Subjective JEE rocks..case in point..haha..assuming u were from back then)
    And when I talk of a unified exam,I think CAT/GMAT/GRE kind of exams.But they need to unify the boards first.

  • I completely agree with what you are saying…. i dont understand how combining JEE and board exams will result in the coaching centers running out of business…. The teachers in the coaching centers will start teaching for board exams and aspirants will continue to go to their classes…. also…. how will it reduce the burden on the students… in fact… now the aspirants will be more burdened as they will have to mug up stuff and not learn to apply concepts…. this govt has succeeded in killing brands IIT and IIM…. i wonder what else they have up their sleeve….

  • This is totally outrageous. Are they trying to kill any dream that brilliant students should have? Well .. they lack something called Brain .. that we all know. Why do you want to impose that stupidity onto the whole Nation ? I am left with no words. Being an IITian myself I think this is the one of the most terrible decisions these stupid Netas have taken.

    • Oh is it. Then, even the downtrodden people of India must say, that they are also not given any opportunity for upward mobility. Are the english speaking middle class the only breed who are most super intelligent in India?

  • 1) Reservations diluted IIT brand
    2) Change of “objective exam first then followed by subjective exam” to simply “one single exam” diluted it more
    3) Increase in number of IITs made it more pathetic
    4) Fees at IITs are to be increased? What for? To fill the pockets of lazy, dishonest, #$@#%$ administrators?
    5) What about the faculty standards? Earlier there were very few good ones? Now you simply increase the no. of IITs diluting and distributing the very few good faculty
    6) You are not only causing trouble to the upcoming generation but putting a shame to current students in IITs and the alumni and above all bringing a disgrace to our country’s brand name
    7) Forget IITians, no true Indian will agree to the stupidity of diluting IITs

  • I know this minister is one $0/\/ o# B!*x/-/, but who the ***k is this Brijesh Singh, the one and only b**l of this .
    And if you are talking about GRE and GMAT and the institutes like MIT and Berkley, they have criteria much more the just the scores of these exams.
    One more thing, talking about board exam score to count for IITs, well FYI, i got 72% in 12th with 98 and 99 in physics and maths respectively. According to you, i didn’t deserve to be here. I guess only the crammers are worth to go IIT’s from now on.
    People with 99% in board, who are taking admission in DU are to go in IIT’s and most of brainy people who actually deserve to go into IIT’s (according to me) need to prepare for boards again.
    I suggest the people who are deciding the fate of IIT’s and IIM’s need to go to school first.

  • Ash,you said what I wanted to,more or less.But I’ll still give Brijesh an elaborate reply.By the way,98/99 and yet 72%.You really screwed up Chemistry kya 😛 😛
    Thanks for the support.

    You are missing the point somehow.The one exam for all Idea,even I am all for.But this unification should be at the high school level first.Bring them all at par and then do it.I have no issues.The costs and chaos are indeed too much
    Dilution of Brand “IIT” is what I have used everywhere,not JEE.JEE is a prestigious exam and if you think it is not famous,you are badly mistaken.Go abroad once.Just once and you’ll know how respected JEE is.GRE/GMAT are conducted at the PG level and have other SENSIBLE criteria and not board marks.HBS and MIT take admissions on the basis of UG profile,recommendations,essays and then a decent GMAT score/GRE score.They have moulded their primary education system that way and that’s why it is so successful.I am not blaming Mr Sibal per se.Never used his name.It’s “minister” and hence Arjun Singh or Sibal or whomsoever come under the purview.
    Taking an exam over 15 days is a solution,yes.Fine.But again,you missed the back up point I made that “quip” for.Illness thing was in jest.
    And are you a media guy dude,misquoting,misapprehending.What the hell is up with you??
    And Don’t degrade IITs by making ITI jokes.Unlike you,we are proud of our college.Respect it.
    Similar syllabus is just the beginning.Yes,it cannot be changed overnight but the disparity in education standards has to be removed first.My point is he can tamper with the UG/PG level system,only once he has implemented strategies at the grass root.You cannot just wake up one day and bloody change the entire system.JEE is well suited to the current system.Change it,only when the system does change.What is the hurry??
    Indeed the new system has some positives,but we are not ready for this change.I hope that replies to your rant.People have assumed you were in an inebriated state.It happens.
    PS:Are you a relative of Sibbal????

  • To all eminent IITians posting here,


    In the post above and in every comment that followed, I found a congruity that everybody believes that new IITs diluted IIT brand. Students from New IITs are not good enough.

    On authors statement, “The students know they aren’t as good. The companies know they aren’t as good and there goes your money down the drain with seats in these “IIT’s” lying vacant.”

    I would say, We are good, we are better, we are going through the same academic curriculum that you go, C’mon, we have been in old IIT (our mentors) and we know very well about your system. We are having a similar system, same level of faculty if not better. Also we are taught by many of the faculties of older IITs over NKN, so we are going through almost similar curricula. on your comment that seats go vacant, seats which go vacant are mainly from SC/ST category, I am sure, in older IITs also they go vacant.

    Our first batch is graduating and you will see, our average annual package will not be less than 6 lacks per annum..

    I don’t say that government’s decision of opening up of new IITs overnight was something very good. I ridiculed and i ridicule it even now.

    But sir, by questioning our quality again and again, you people are simply hurting us, we are the same crowd who cleared JEE, it was just a bad day for many of us and we made some mistakes in paper and qualified with poorer than you people had, i am sure you people must have made such mistake once upon a time, if not yet, i am sure you will. Just because we made some mistake on our ‘D day’ does not mean that we don’t deserve to study in such a transparent and a respected system.

    Most of us were school toppers the way you were, we all are ambitious and carry the ability to fulfill our dreams, our ambitions the way you do. You will see similar percent of student qualifying CAT, going for higher studies to US and getting prime jobs like you do.

    Sir, I just appeal, even if you think government has diluted the IIT brand by giving us the opportunity to be IITians, then sir, sorry to say but juice has already been diluted and there is no point crying over it, what we can do is add more juice to it and try to lessen your so called dilution.

    By discouraging, you are adding even more water to it. Don’t discourage us by questioning our abilities again and again, already we had enough of that, (people thinking, there must management quota in new IITs, comparing new IITs and ITI).




    • dude,I do not question your quality at all.Sorry about that sentence,if I may.It’s the IIT’s that aren’t as good as the mentor IIT’s.That’s what my point was,and that is where the govt comes in.Sorry again

    • I totally agree!! If u have a look at jee analysis in any website the mark difference between a person with rank 2000 and 4000 is hardly 25.

      • who said new IIT’s aren’t good.?
        We have young and dynamic profs who did their post doc from universities like MIT and cambridge.

    i am not saying that it’s wrong to open new IITs but at least they have to well funded IITs are not only about B.tech there main purpose was research i don’t think thaey can stand up 8 new IIT in only two year and fund them very well when there is still a lots of work done to be over college (IITG) they should open new IITs it’s completely reasonable bcoz of growth in both population and technology demand in india. but they should have a plan to take them at matching stranded of other IIT. and what going on these day i don’t think they got any plan just want be at focus of media

  • @viki: I am neither supporting the way new IITs were announced, I belong to the first batch of it and we have struggled so much but its not only government who is responsible for the way they were opened, its also old IITs administration who were asked to come up with draft and proposals for new IITs but old IITs never bothered and it had to come this way, and howsoever it came, it provided opportunities to study in IIT to numerous students and in the coming years its quality will improve further and hopefully in near future it will be able to match qualities of Old IITs..

    My appeal is, Don’t doubt our ability, we are able to do anything the way students from old IITs are. We need your support not your ridiculing statements.
    I have been a school topper through most of my from a prestigious School the way students from olden IITs may be..We are no less intelligent than you are.

    One day, I swear to prove it to all of you.

  • Hi,

    This is one topic that is close to my heart. I apologize in advance for the long post that follows.

    I’m about to graduate from a National Law School, a place I chose over IIT kgp after clearing both JEE and the CLAT. So, I have some locus to speak on this topic.

    Completely agree with the author in that the selection process should involve 12th grade marks *only* when we have a standardized exam pan India. The current system of state boards makes the whole exercise redundant.

    Yes, it is important to somehow reduce the burden of the exam on students and also make the selection process holistic. One solution can be to standardize the test questions and allow students to attempt the test 2-3 times in a year (like they do with SATs and the GRE) on any date of their liking. This will considerably reduce the unnecessary pressure many aspirants take on and still maintain the the quality/difficulty of the examination.

  • It’s the IIT’s I was talking about that aren’t as good.Not the students.Sorry about that.The sentence apparently wasn’t framed as well as I’d like

  • What kind of people are you all !! What this post and all the following comment reflect is just useless pride, vanity and misdirected anger.

    So what if you guys had the “toughest” exam to crack in the nation. That does not make the students coming in through the best of the lot. Any body/organization can make a super tough exam and then admit the students on a 30% cut-off. So, what the hell difference does it make if you make a super tough exam with 30% cut-off and a relatively normal exam (with say 75% cut-off). The good students will surely make it through both of them. SO HERE GOES THE MERIT OF HAVING SUBJECTIVE EXAMS USELESS. It also introduces examiner bias, handwriting induced errors (a smart kid having a bad handwriting may suffer just because of that !!). So, its indeed very positive that the silly concept of a subjective exam was abolished.

    Coming on to the point of new IITs and brand dilution, seriously how many guys do you think are smart in this nation ! Is it just those 5000 odd who make it to the IITs. I am sorry, but there are at least 5 times that number who are indeed smart and these remaining (20000) students just don’t make it because they weren’t lucky on that particular day. And we have got to make every possible effort to make sure that we include maximum junta within the ambit of quality education (and of course the hype/platform/public adoration) that come along with it. We are not talking about 200000 seats in IITs. Are we?

    Coming to the point regarding a common entrance exam, its true that a single exam can have disastrous influence over the careers of many students (who are probably unwell on the D-day or just may be plain unlucky and unable to perform to their potential). This can be solved through a system which is done globally like the SAT (or the CAT?) by having the exams spaced out over a window rather than having a single date. This will indeed save the hassles of students having to appear for multiple exams with multiple patterns and multiple rules. SIMPLICITY SHOULD BE THE MANTRA.

    You seem to be anti-reservation. Fair enough, you have your views. But your very post indicates a very sad kind of a “caste” system which seems to prevail in campuses in India (IITs vs non-IITs) kind of like (“Upper class elites” vs “Other backward classes”). Its indeed sad that jingoism becomes so rooted in your system that once you graduate out of the IITs you tend to disregard every other non-IIT junta. If these are indeed the cream of the nation that you claim yourself to be, then its better not to say further much about the system at all.

    In my opinion, any system that encourages unabashed jingoism, superiority complex and denies equal opportunity to all should be suspended. That is not good for the health of a nation-state.

    (P.S. Resembles Hitler in the way the superiority fans out !!)

    • Rahul
      I don’t really see anything wrong in being proud of our achievements and our college,whose worth is recognised worldwide.I do not know why you think it is superiority.I haven’t degraded anyone but the govt in this.I am an IIT student and am proud of that fact.Plain and Simple.Nowhere comes the superiority.My college is indeed superior and it’s brand dilution is what prompted this post.U might agree that an institution’s strength is it’s students and if you admit them on the basis of boards,you run the risk of taking in inferior quality,if i may use the word.it makes sense to me,because boards are not a yardstick for brilliance.
      SAT/GMAT is implemented abroad where they have a standardised primary educational setup so that students are at par,unlike the 25 different boards
      in our country.A system with equal opportunity as you pointed out,is not gonna come up by removing JEE.
      Yes,I am indeed anti reservation.In education,it is okay.Even in jobs,I am fine with it.But when they get the same jobs as us,Why is the economic burden ours to shoulder.That’s my only concern as of now.Rest of my views on reservation are out of the context of this post and hence I’ll let it be
      Coming back to your superiority point,there are lots of people smarter than me and you in the country.Never do we degrade anybody,never do we say we are the best and others are dumb.We are just proud of our college and cannot see it get degraded.Hence the “misdirected anger”.
      Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  • The primal issue under consideration out here is “will scrapping of JEE mutilate brand IIT”. I firmly believe it will not, if implemented in a planned manner and in haste. See when the clairvoyant author says “reform should be done at school level first”. I buy him. But when he concludes “the brand IIT exist if and only if JEE exist” I find him irrational and vague.

    Lets start with the beginning as patronised by author  This whole idea of scrapping the JEE is not the midnight sweet dream of anybody from government. One fine day our HRD ministry thought of reforming the JEE exam, if required. Eventually a panel comprising of “DIRECTORS OF EXISTING IITs” recommended to scrap the JEE and to rope in the system of giving weightage to other stuffs like board exams and all. Mind you the panel was set up to propose reform only for IIT JEE but the committee members took the opportunity to propose reform for the entire system of engineering entrance examination. The panel had every right to say that better do nothing & stick with the same old process for eternity. http://www.telegraphindia.com/1100414/jsp/nation/
    How does it seem unfair when some achievers at school level are suitably rewarded by giving preference over their counterparts who could not fare as well as them.

    It would like to re-iterate the statement of author “what if someone screw his/her that single exam”. This is exactly what I want to say. Even if someone screw couple of questions in the exam and have fared brilliantly in board exams then also they have a fair chance of achieving their dream of getting into IITs.

    One question. How do Stanford and Berkeley make sure that 9 pointer of and IIT B is as good as 9 pointer of IITK or NUS Singapore?? The utopian idea of having an ideal system where we can say the two person who have scored 90% marks in school have exactly equal potential and talent is not practically possible. It can’t happen in any exam which is subjective in nature unless the entire response sheet of India is evaluated by one single person. What needs to be ensured is standardisation of syllabus across the different boards and normalisation of marks of different boards if required.

    P.S. : I am not relative of sibbal 😛 I just find him somewhat better than his predecessors 

    • Brijesh
      BOARDS simply cannot be a yardstick to test students in their current format.Since they are really crap.Rote learning is what they actually propogate.Please understand.
      JEE is the best option that we have right now.Down the line,if we implement things from the grassroot and JEE goes,and we get a SAT like test,I have no qualms.The current scenario,the system all lead me to believe that JEE is the best alternative,as of now.
      Syllabus point is absolutely fair.Syllabus and evaluation standards being same,logistics issues are solved.Making them a little more challenging,the concern about mediocrity goes.That’s what my appeal to HRD is.Then,and only then, we can use school marks for anything and everything

  • JEE is the only exam that is free of cheating. Board exams are not only cheating ridden, wholesale exam papers of good students have been exchanged with those of connected students. Does the ministry have a proposal to make the board exams as honest as JEE? Just on this count this a bad idea IMHO.

  • see, including boards exams are not going to improve iit and engineering status at all. it will surely dilute it………reason
    1. marks given under the different boards in india are not at par. so we cant decide whether a cbse board student getting 86% is better than punjab board student getting 90%(just for an example) and vice versa too.
    2. jee is known for its ability to filter out innovative minds. if boards exams are gonna included.,,then everybody will try to get more than 92-93%marks . this will divert them for their path. they will not focus on basics and rather cram all the bullshit that is given in boards books(not mentioning all boards accross whole india. some are really good)
    3.quality of board exams is not same throughout whole india. an cbse board exam is better then punjab or up board exam in the fact that cbse focuses a little more on basics than these boards. in punjab board if one is able to do few guess papers (like “shanti”. “m.b.d”etc…)a few days before exam , he is surely gonna get good marks . it is very much predictable………….so the quality of engineers inour country will suffer.
    4. most of the board exams are very much predictable.similar questions keep on repeating over years. just do past 10 years questions and u r sure to secure good marks…..but JEE is not at all predictable(if it is.. that too to very low extent)..so if cracks jee , it shows that that person has done topics from basics and is having alll those analytical skills required by a good engineer.

    at last i want to say that if govt is motivated to improve standars of jee and engineers in our country…. introduce that old system of two phase exam(and if possible make it 3 phase) and paper should be made subjective rather than objective(where u can have a guess of right answer of the 4 choices given)

  • Scrap off all exams IIT, AIIMS, IIM etc….they produce high quality classical scholars….You see govt’s policy is “First Come First Serve(CAG 2G,CWG,KG)”….They are fine economists, so why waste so much money,time,energy on exams, just give admission on FCFS policy….

    If you are in IIT search on dc++ movie “IDIOCRACY” else search in your hard disc…As Rahul is going to be next, so all of us have to be below his mental level i.e. A mand budhhi….

    • “Mayank” 😛 😛
      Idiocracy,I checked out the Wiki Page for it.Dystopian world,High handed government.It’s not that bad as yet.Will watch it definitely though.Thank you

  • I got a rather poor rank in JEE,and a rather excellent rank in AIEEE, but got the subject of my choice (Mechanical Engineering)in another premier engineering institute comarable to the IITs,BITS Pilani. There is no reservation, no red-tape, nothing. Ours is also an old college, but we get decently clean and medium-sized rooms, good food, and a more relaxed system of education which does cover all the requirements of engineering, and a five and a half month institute sponsored internship along with in the fourth year. I am happy that I did not join any new IIT or NIT, though I got.

  • Increasing number of iits and iim is a welcome idea for a very long time due in India for past 50 years we had only 5 because of which India had severe shortage of quality engineers. Its does offer some competition to mashrooming lala/banya type engineering colleges.
    IIT is not just medal, which some people treat it as… “winning in math olympiad is” its a process to build quality engineering graduates.
    Well I am against increasing fee structure at the IIT’s but i have a strong opposition in the fact, that most of the engineers at IIT after getting subsidized education from the tax payers money think of leaving India for better opportunities (accounts for some sort of corruption similar in the way politicians think of tax payers, in getting best of both capitalism and socialism). One of the cheapest thing possible to make a good tech career is doing IIT and then getting a schol from a US university. But still I am against increasing fee structure at IIT.

    I believe IIT’s should relax the entrance and strengthen their Masters and research courses. In India land of opportunities in education(do not get me wrong I mean opportunities in education business) there seems to be prevalent loads of difference in level of education availability. Good technical education should be available to most. Dispite of hue and cry of coaching centers which will loose their business and thus will make the most noise.

  • i welcome govt decision to scrap jee as it doesnt encourage any innovation as being marketed just take 2-3 year coaching and even an average student can crack it(by devoting abnormal hours of study which is sickening) and if board exams are craps which encourage muggers then what they are for? scrap them too! and convert the 11-12th classes as coaching classes devoted to crack jee and do away with this 2 years virtual schooling oh! and by the way the so-called “innovation-friendly” iits doesnt produce any research work by its army of iitans and rank nowhere in the list top 100 universities/colleges

    • “Even an average student can crack it( by devoting abnormal hours of study”.I am sorry,but you are very badly mistaken about JEE .
      IIT’s may not produce as many PhD’s and patents as one would like,but our efforts should be towards improving that aspect and not scrapping everything as you have mentioned.For the record,They are India’s best colleges and are ranked among the Top 30 in the world as well.

  • Of course IIT is loosing it’s brand value.. and i think that is good.. there will be more good students in pure science…i totally agree with what garvit kulshrestha said. The engineering syllabus is pretty crap..in future only average students should study engineering..the good students should take up pure science and research…IIT = waste

    • i disagree with u. may b u failed to crack jee thats why u r saying so. u said iit = waste….. u remembered me of a story which i heard in my childhood that a fox when unable to get ripe grapes just said that grapes are sour and she should not eat it. ……………….faling to crack iit..justifies your perception towards iit and jee

      • He is talking about the curriculum, not the JEE. JEE is still a priceless diamond.

        The problem is not scrapping JEE, the problem is not having a vision of the future. What’s MHRD going to do to resolve this problem, that agenda is not clear. So until and unless, an alternative solution don’t come up, JEE must remain.

        But Indian government, as usual, always late to react, when wold moves on.

  • Well I’m not an IIT-ian…nor did I clear JEE…but as an aspirant who took a shot twice (one with and another without coaching) I hope someone sends this entire article withe discussion to the MHRD… The IITs seriously need a life saver right now!…

  • would somebody put a fucking bullet in this motherfucker Kapil Sibal’s head and I would give him my new sports car as a gift…

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