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Google has a special animated doodle to celebrate Mayawati’s great spirit

Mayawati, the flamboyant Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has a new addition to the list of her diehard fans. This time it is Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who is so impressed that Google has even dedicated a doodle to her. Clicking on the doodle redirects to a video where the 38-year-old internet entrepreneur explains how he came to know about the charismatic lady during his recent secret visit to the Taj Mahal. “Then I, obviously, Googled about her, and man, I couldn’t resist myself from getting impressed by her. From her bronze statues to the sandal scandal, everything about her mighty impressed me.”

Sergey Brin went animated as he said these words. “It was the time when I decided I must do something to celebrate her spirit. So I called up Larry and gave him the idea about this doodle. Larry looked equally excited after hearing this and said, What an idea Sergey!”

The doodle is very unusual since it doesn’t celebrate any particular event or anniversary and has received constant criticism since it has gone live.

(Rajat Goel on YouTube | NTMN on YouTube)

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