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Heavy metal band resorts to vandalism after audience fails to turn up at concert for 4 hours

While delayed metro trains, F1 and Ra.One caused some of the distraction from the concert, most fans didn’t turn up as they were busy telling the media about their craze for the metal band, and some didn’t go, expecting the show would anyway get cancelled. At the end, it was Ironica who was left disappointed.

The much-anticipated concert featuring heavy metal band Ironica was marred last night at Gurgaon, as the audience did not turn up at the last moment. The band went on a rampage, resorting to vandalism. When the gods of heavy metal did not get the kind of treatment they felt they deserved, things turned so violent that by the end of the “unholy Friday”, the Pleasure Valley Grounds in Gurgaon bore a stark, mournful look—visibly an outcome of disappointment at its worst. Sources say at least four police officials and five members of the main crew are recovering from serious injuries because of the stampede and riots that soon followed.

“We waited for an unending number of hours there, hoping audience would soon arrive. After all, the organisers had assured us a houseful audience of 30,000 fans!” the official website of Ironica lamented. “We were starved, thirsty and goddamn exhausted, but you didn’t care to turn up once, for god’s sake, not even once! Bloody Indians!! Thank your gods that we didn’t put the city to fire, you know how bad it hurts? Our middle finger salute to you all!”

A fan explained his absence from the event, “I wanted to come, but my friends and I thought that it was obvious that the event would get cancelled due to technical snags, like always! I learned my lesson when Bryan Adams’ concert was cancelled, I wasn’t going to book my tickets here!” He was surprised that this time, everything was ready, but no one came to watch.

An NTMN reporter gives a first-person account of all that happened last evening. “I was among the lucky few who got to see all the action live,” he says excitedly, even as the action he refers to has nothing to do with music or the audience.

Ironica artistes during their vandalism

First-hand account: The concert was being touted as one hell of a gig. I myself had travelled all the way from Nagaland, only to experience head-banging like never before. The performance was to begin at 8 pm. I reached the venue two hours late as I didn’t expect it would start on time, and lo, what do I see! The place is empty, no crowds, no music, no madness—sheer emptiness! I wondered if the gig was already over; it sent shivers down my spine. I had waited for this day for 10 years! At the entrance, I saw 6 guards waiting to frisk us. They did their thing with the metal-detectors, I am not a bit sure if they were even working, to be honest (and then, all the audience was going to be metal-heads!).

When I entered the venue, my jaws almost dropped at the sight—at the sight of NO ONE! “Hey dude, thanks for coming! Welcome to our show!” Shames Fretfield shouted out to me cheerfully as if I was the chief guest or something. SHAMES FRETFIELD, can you imagine! I was too shocked to believe all this. I looked around, there were barely twenty other people in the whole place blankly looking at each other, puzzled as hell. They told me almost all the tickets had got cancelled at the last moment due to some ‘technical snag’. These technical issues consisted of Metros across the city running late, traffic jams galore due to the F1 craze and some fans who were busy interacting with the media on how much they love Ironica, so they couldn’t turn up. Just then I spotted a guy smoking on hash. He was shouting, “Does this shit of a place reflect in any way that a mighty concert is going to happen? Even the mata-ki-chauki I attended last week with my parents had far better preparations done.”

I waited for another hour with the 20 other people. During this time, five more had arrived. Shames greeted each one of them respectfully. The gods sure respect their fans a lot. Three hours ahead of time, we knew no one was going to turn up, so we decided to let the band know. We went up to them and said that they better not expect more people to come, as some technical issues had cropped up at the last moment. We even asked them to perform the next day, same place, at 4 pm. That fuelled the fire. The band members went berserk.

“It’s been more than three freaking hours dammit! This is our first show here! We’ve waited for 30 long years to perform here!” Ironica artistes began to yell. They started abusing us, called us ‘buttheads’, said this was going to land them into huge losses; blamed the Delhi people for cheating them at the last minute by not coming. They went out of control and started resorting to vandalism. The already out-of-order barricades were being destroyed, plastic bottles were being thrown around, instruments were being strewn, and the posters being torn, right there in front of our eyes.

I don’t know who was at fault: the Delhi people, Ironica or the organisers. All I know is that I wasted one whole day of my life in all this mess and still didn’t get to watch my favorite band perform live. It hurts.”

After the unfortunate incident, the band as well as the organisers have been blaming Delhiites for failing to come to what could have been an epic event. The media, on the other hand, has been firing criticism at the band and the organisers for subjecting the entire place to extreme violence and vandalism.

In the meanwhile, Delhiites have issued a public apology to the band on Facebook, for being a disappointment. “You just have that one word to give: SORRY. You’d have known how insulted and embarrassing this was if only you were in our place. But you aren’t. Cheaters,” Ironica says. They are not yet sure if they want to perform in Bangalore or not.

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