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[Movie Poster] This Diwali, Ra.One has competition from movie featuring superhero Mayawati the Dictator

This Diwali, we are going to encounter not one, but two superheroes: Ra.One has competition. It’s G.One versus The Dictator, with Miss Mayawati playing the protagonist in the latter. In an unprecedented move from the house of the B.S.P. Productions, the new movie features the debutante super-(statue)-model–cum–actress in the lead role. If the producers of the movie are to be believed, The Dictator is slated to make more money than any Bollywood or Hollywood movie ever made. The spokesperson for the B.S.P. Productions, Mr. Mulayam Yoda has said, “With F1 races, elephant mow downs, collapsing real estate buildings, mass graves all over the city, and caste based violence, The Dictator is undoubtedly far better than any superhero movie ever made. And the highlight of the movie is that, the superhero is no actual Hero with superpowers. It’s just an innocent woman who sacrificed her whole life for the rights of her people. And now her soul is brought to life by a statue she built for herself while she was alive.” Sounds like a winning concept to us. The movie will be in the theatres on 26th October 2011.

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