Unhappy with key members leaving, Anna Hazare quits Team Anna

News in Brief:

Anna Hazare saying goodbye to his team members, with a smiling face.

Team Anna lost a key member early today, when Anna Hazare left the team, apparently unhappy with important team members resigning. 74-year-old Hazare said he plans to focus on Congress corruption—alone. Arvind Kejriwal, describing himself as orphaned, said soon after, “This is more painful than the slipper that was thrown at me yesterday. Who will I go to now?”

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh lost no time in saying, “Exactly what I said earlier. Anna Hazare doesn’t have a brain of his own. He is doing just what his team does.”

The most important piece of information, however, is that Team Anna will be still be referred to by the same name in the media, for the TRPs it generates.

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