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[Columns] Breaking the Myths about Engineering

Dear Non-Engineers,

We sincerely hope that you can see the other side of the story after going through this write-up. Here are some myths about engineering that we attempt to shatter!

  • Engineering is tough:
  • Believe it or not, engineering is over-rated. This is India. Everything gets blown out of proportions. The notion that engineering is tough is exactly that: a notion! So, as it turns out, we, the engineers have so much time to kill, that we resort to everything other than academics and projects—like LAN gaming, sports, beers , cigarettes, blogs.

  • Engineers are book-worms:
  • The one thing that engineering does in fact teach us is how to be innovative as in: how to manage marks without mugging up course-books, how to survive the entire semester with proxy attendance, how to complete practical records without taking even one observation in the entire year, etc.

  • Engineers are geeks:
  • We aren’t geeks; we are just smart, with a little more-than-usual curiosity and affinity for tech! The smartest people in the country inadvertently end up in engineering, probably because of all the hype. Naturally, the not-so-smart people presume the smart people (us) as geeks!

  • Engineers have nothing better to do than write:
  • Well, I know Chetan Bhagat has destroyed our reputation, perhaps beyond repair. But, trust me, we write because we are good at it! As my earlier points affirm, we have too much time, we are not book-worms and we are smart. Thus, common sense dictates that we must present to the world our smart views. And what better way than to blog, or put it in writing?

  • Engineering is not male-dominated anymore:
  • Here’s a fun fact, in case you haven’t yet noticed—sex-ratio (Girl:Boy) in (actual) engineering colleges tends to 0 (zero). IITians, raise your hands! Naturally, we must outsource into other colleges. We have nothing against you, mate. But, the girls in your college are definitely hot!

  • Engineers have more knowledge than the average man/woman:
  • Heck, no! If anything, we have even lesser knowledge than a commerce student. Because, generally when one gets into engineering, he/she stows the brain into some distant corner of the skull, and locks it away for four very long years. There are some exceptions, but it has nothing to do with the brain or academics, but only and only GOOGLE.

  • Engineers cannot have passions:
  • It sucks when you, an engineer tell the world about your passions, such as music, dance, football or acting skills, and the people around you look as if you’ve just committed a heinous crime. What, you sing, you write? How do you get time for all that? Again, I would like to reaffirm—we were never book-worms in the first place. So, having a passion is no big deal!

  • An engineer can fix your TV or Computer or your household lighting system:
  • Well, like I said, engineering is over-rated. Believe me, an engineer has no idea how to fix your TV, car, or computer.  Ask him how to connect three or more computers via Wi-Fi for Counter-Strike and it’s a whole different ballgame altogether. Although, I can in fact fix your Computer or your household lighting system. 

  • Engineers can be wrong:
  • Like it has been proven over and over again in this write-up, an engineer can never be wrong! I won’t even try to justify this statement. Because, by now, you already believe me!

    Yours truly


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