Digvijay Singh accuses Sonia, Manmohan of being RSS agents

They don’t make people like him anymore.” Well, that’s all one can say about Congress “troublemaker” Digvijay Singh. Now he comes out with indeed bizarre allegations that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Indian PM Manmohan Singh are under-cover RSS agents who are passing out Congress’ secrets to them. He also says RSS used “lethal technology to send torrential rains” to a Congress meeting last year.

After hitting out at Team Anna for gaining support from BJP and its well-known non-political parent RSS, veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh has left the nation shell-shocked by doubting the top UPA leaders, whom he calls Super Secret Agents of RSS. They, he says, are serving BJP and RSS’s long-term plans to destabilize Congress.

A screenshot from Digvijay's blog. He doubts his servants, mosquitoes, dogs, cats, even the rains, thinking that somehow RSS wants to make life tough for him by sending their "army".

He said, “Why else do you think our PM is so dumb? Despite being a renowned economist, why can’t he stabilize India’s inflation problems? Why are his claims to fight terrorism and corruption so dud?? Huh. You know what, BJP may not be in power, but they are still ruling our country from the top, and are creating a bad image for our Congress Party. Look at Rahul, he has hardly done anything for the party, in fact wherever he has campaigned for the party, we have lost badly there; be it Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh n even West Bengal, he failed to make an impact. Mr. Achuthanandan was right, he is indeed an Amul baby.”

Most of the journalists and reporters attending this press conference had kept their mouth open throughout the conference, while gazing at the innocence of Mr. Singh while he was speaking.

“You know, there’s hardly any real and a loyal person in Congress. Sparing me, no one can be trusted now. People say Congress is spreading corruption, but I say, Congress itself is a victim of corruption, because our opponents like BJP and its cunning half RSS have acquired great technology also to defeat us everywhere.” He explained, “Recently our party had its plenary meet in UP for strategic planning for the upcoming elections there, and suddenly it started raining!” He suddenly went for a cinematic pause, and confused reporters looked at each other until he re-commenced, “RSS has got such a lethal technology, that they are even sending rains to disrupt our meetings.” A deathly hush swept the entire press conference after this comment, as the reporters started walking out.

Digvijay Singh kept shouting, “Please go out carefully, no can be trusted. RSS living beings are everywhere. Animals, people, natural calamities, they have got it all..!!!”

(Illustration by Nipun Chawla)

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