Gilani sent dialogue guidelines to Manmohan before meeting at SAARC summit

NTMN has learnt that the following guidelines were issued by Pakistan to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh before he met his Pakistani counterpart Yousaf Raza Gilani at the SAARC summit in Maldives:

  1. No matter what happens, no matter how much you may be fuming inside, you are supposed to maintain a diplomatic outlook.
  2. You cannot use any kind of weapon, through speech or otherwise, to score a point. The said weapon is the sole prerogative of our terrorist-run agencies.
  3. Although terrorism, which is certainly endorsed by us, flouts all rules of discipline, but while dealing with it, we will follow sophisticated democratic procedures.
  4. We want India to bypass the issue of terrorism now, since we have already agreed to let you hang Ajmal Kasab, one of our esteemed citizens.
  5. Your judiciary will not fast-track any case that may harm the interest of the terrorists that we have sent in your territory.
  6. New Delhi needs to understand that terrorism is a snake that Pakistan nurtured all these years to bite India but it has recoiled and now, it is biting us also. So, it would be unfair on India’s part to ask us to deliver anything in this context. Do not expect any deliverables—it is harmful to have expectations from us. Let’s engage in dialogues with the motto—“dialogues for dialogues’ sake”.
  7. There is nothing like a singular official announcement, except this disclaimer. So, whatever you consider as our official statement and position will be a matter of your choice and discretion and will have no bearings on us.

The Pakistani Prime Minister was particular about the atmosphere. The man of peace didn't want any terrorism on the dialogue, for a beautiful atmosphere.

This disclaimer was attached to a letter written by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and was circulated before his scheduled meeting with Dr. Singh. In the letter, Gilani mentioned that it was not important as to what the conclusion of the talks would be; rather what really mattered was the atmosphere (see photo) in which the heads of the two countries met. Therefore, the letter said, “special care shall be taken to see that the environment remains positive and pleasant. Our Foreign Minister Heena Rabbani Khar will herself grace the occasion with her presence for this purpose.”

According to the letter, Gilani believes that terrorism is a spiral issue and any discussion on it goes back to the issue of Kashmir. He ends the letter on the note, “It would be beneficial for both the countries to avoid any discussion on terrorism. Therefore let’s talk about nicer things like trade and we could also ask unashamedly for your support in strengthening Pakistan’s collapsing democratic set-up.”

Remarkably, Dr. Manmohan Singh exhibited an impressive gesture when he strictly kept in line with the disclaimer and described his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani as a ”man of peace” after their meeting.

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