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Anna–PM kiss on Benetton X-mas Special Unhate ad; nation stunned

A month after it came up with its controversial ‘Unhate’ campaign, the Italian fashion brand Benetton has released an ad focussed on India. It involves Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and social activist Anna Hazare. Unhate consists of a series of advertisements with digitally-manipulated smooches of world leaders.

The controversial advertisement shows Anna Hazare kissing Manmohan Singh under a mistletoe. Within a couple of hours of its release, the image has gone viral on social networks. It has received strong criticism in India, especially from political leaders and for the first time, Team Anna seems to agree with them.

Benetton said the advertisement is all about establishment of cordial relations among divergent and mutually-opposed leaders and Christmas is an apt time to do so. However, Congress isn’t amused and has termed it as ‘utter disrespect to the nation and its leaders’ demanding the immediate removal of the advertisement.

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