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[Picture Story] The After-Effects of The Dirty Picture

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to The Dirty Picture one can only imagine its true worth. Ever since the release of The Dirty Picture, whole nation has been bitten by the Vidya Balan bug. Clearly, the movie has become a national craze. New Vidya Balan fans are emerging from every nook and corner. The extent is such that ‘Main Anna Hoon’ caps have been replaced by ‘Main Entertainment Hoon’ caps. Adding another feather to the cap of the movie, Rovio, the makers of the famous Angry Birds game, have decide to rename it ‘The Dirty Pigs’. Statues of Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh are being replaced by Vidya Balan statues. Our team at NTMN tries to explore this story through the following visuals.

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