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We do the same thing that you do in your fests: Scamster Uncle Writes to College Students

Tihar Jail
Delhi, India
December 21, 2011.

Dear Students,

I, and many other friends of mine, have built a strong foundation for the students of today, but stupid kids like you are ruining everything for yourselves. I am quite distressed with the participation of the youth in the anti-corruption campaign. This might seem an illogical comment, but think about it. Try to be little practical, fellas. Try to use your brains.

Yesterday, we were like you. Yes! We have also organised fests and events. Believe me! We learnt the basics of earning some extra bucks from there only! We also know the joy of receiving the first cheque from the sponsors for an event—more so when the event itself got cancelled. When events got cancelled, we learnt the art of satisfying everyone else with the old photographs (sigh). Our clerks and photographers still use these traditional ways.

Do tell me if still some of those jugaadu sponsors agree to pay directly to the personal accounts rather than college account?? That used to be famous trick in our times and it later evolved as the famous 2G scam. Everyone of our breed looks up to this scam with utter respect. This trick, and thus scam, are the most inspiring things I have ever seen in my life and it leaves behind a great legacy as an inspiration for future generations in our art. You can also learn a lot from these revolutionary scamsters and their ideals.

Not to forget my favourite: BILL INFLATION. You might have seen a little glimpse of that in the Commonwealth Games 2010. Those treadmills were bought from the same street where you get your fest T-shirts and posters. How easy it is, to get a bill of 300% more than the actual cost—do try it out in the next fest if you haven’t tasted it yet. The government funds for us are the same as what college funds are to you. The difference is just that we do not have watchdog professors like you. But RTI really sometimes becomes pain in our ass. Anyway I hope things become smoother when your turn comes.

Free money feels great. Right, my dear students? Yes, you know well.

Think about all that money collected after the fest. It must have brought a smile on your face. It gives a great sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction when your hard work literally pays you. It kind of boosts your self-respect. We also get the same feeling and the parties after that are no different from those of yours. As you prosper more, in the future, you will become more classy and you will hate dry days as always.

There is a thing that nobody knows but unknown to these news channels (and therefore to you), we—all the people of different parties— are friends; our motives are similar after all. This is similar to your society systems or multiple organisations for fests. The competition is what separates you guys, and you have fights among yourselves, but in normal college days you are like chuddy buddies (underwear friend)—it works just like that with us. So if you do not consider the scale, we are not much different from you.

Being a scamster involves a lot of creativity, hard work, determination and courage. Besides these, the mentorship and motivational stories (provided by not just huge bank balances of my colleagues and myself, but the luxury at Tihar) have their own undeniable importance, which we are taking care of for you people. What do we get in return? A protest against us! Instead of standing with us, you are standing against us. What do you think this Anna fellow will do to our society? Today they are asking for your support, but tomorrow they will backstab you all, for example they will close down all the liquor shops. Then how will you celebrate that happiness of exams getting over? What will you do with the money you EARNED during fests? So please think about it. Develop some foresight for your actions and if possible, join us to put down RTI.

Hope to see some brains enlightened by my letter.
Your loving and caring
Scamster Uncle.

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Aman Garg


  • im also organising the tech fest of college ..n i have already spent around 2k bucks of it. if after the fest i get rs 500 or 1k illegally pls tell me where am i wrong..yes we work hard for the fact that these fests teach a lot to the students, n yes we deserve reimbursements. n if i was earning i would have happily given all the money..but its not mine but my parents hard earned money. politicians misuse their positions to get lakhs of crores we just get reimbursements ..a common man indulgences in corruption because he has no other option unlike our politicians. yes some organizers do make illegal money ..please dnt accuse evry organizer because of some

  • yes you are right every organizer is not involved in corruption and it is also true with the politicians… yes students throw money in the fest and have full right to recover that, but getting extra money which belongs to college cannot be considered as legal. All the government officers also do hard work but it does not give them right to have a little extra money or do they ?

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