What celebs have to say about the End of the World

In December, next year, the world will supposedly end. December 21, 2012 has been prophesied as the day on which catastrophic events will engulf the earth, razing it down to ruins. Believe it or not, this could probably be the last year of our lives!

We decided to catch up with a few celebs for their take on the so-called ‘end of the world’. Here’s what they had to say…

“What! The world’s coming to an end? Oh my God, I haven’t even stripped yet!” quipped Poonam Pandey, after which she immediately called for a press conference to announce that she will be stripping on December 22, 2012 in delight that the world didn’t actually end. Baba Ramdev believes that the end of the world is a conspiracy by the government to kill him. “Everyone else will survive. Only I will die on that day, if I am unable to find a woman’s clothes to protect myself.” Rakhi Sawant, meanwhile, said, “The world can end only after I get married to Baba Ramdev, dekh lena sachcha pyaar jeetega! I want to die in Baba’s arms.”

Chetan Bhagat, our self-proclaimed youth-author, gave us a sneak peak at the cover of his book-in-the-making called Love in 2013. He was just finalizing who will write the testimonials for his book when we caught him red-handed. In that same ‘lucid’ language that his books are known for, he ranted, “The youth of this nation can’t tell a good novel apart from the rest.” After a pause, he curtly added, “I will start writing this book as soon as the testimonials get finalized, and I promise to give NTMN the first copy—provided you don’t disclose this little secret of mine.” Obviously, Mr. Bhagat is going to send many more books our way since the title of his new book conveys that he doesn’t think the world will end anytime soon.

Our next celeb, Mr. Kasab, was just enjoying the last bit of his 7-course meal when our reporter interrupted. With a disinterested look, Kasab beckoned him in. “Look, I’ve stopped entertaining reporters who come without an appointment, but you, young man, seem to have an interesting question. So, I’m going to excuse you.” Then, with an explosive laugh, he added, “So you’re telling me that the world will end without any kind of terrorist involvement? This is the best joke I’ve heard in days!” Seeing him roll over the floor laughing, the security immediately came in to drag our reporter out of the cell suspecting some kind of a terrorist attack on Kasab.

Just as our reporter was boarding the flight to Delhi to meet Anna for his opinion, he bumped into the singing sensation, Jay Sean, who had just landed in Mumbai for his last live performance. “I always wanted to go back to my roots in India for my last live performance before the world ends next year. I had warned my fans long ago through my song 2012 and now I’ve come back here to make them realize that they should party like it’s the end of the world,” he finished, with a wink.

With that thought in mind, our reporter landed in Delhi to meet Mr. Anna Hazare, who was (predictably) on an indefinite fast for the Lokpal struggle. “I will continue my struggle till my last breath or till the world ends, whichever comes earlier,” asserted Mr. Anna in a one-statement reply.

Kapil Sibal said the ending of the world is offensive, and that he will sue Facebook for spreading misinformation. Rahul Gandhi said he doesn’t care the world will end. “I just hope that I am in a Dalit hut when the world ends,” he said, in an attempt to please the Dalit population. He ignored when we talked of marriage plans before December 2012.

The last on the list was Dr. Manmohan Singh, who, as usual, had no opinions to give.

Whether the world ends or not, only time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s all live it up, drink it down and party like it’s the end of the world!

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