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What do our celebs desperately want from Santa this Christmas?

Here is a list of celebrities and what they are desperately praying to Santa for, this Christmas. Merry Christmas to them and to our readers! 🙂

  • Kapil Sibal A dangerous internet virus that will eat up the whole web ⇒ Madam Sonia’s happiness. 🙂
  • Digvijay Singh Sense.
  • Arindam Chaudhuri The ability to think… before he can “think beyond the IIMs”.
  • Rakhi Sawant More Silicon … chips, for advancement in the world of technology.
  • Kiran Bedi CBI/More Twitter Followers.
  • Mayawati A book titled 10000 New Ideas For Building Statues.
  • Veena Malik Santa. Says she finds his beard hot.
  • Rahul Gandhi Food. (Cuisine: Strictly Dalit).
  • Katrina Kaif One role not of a London-returned girl.
  • Nargis Fakhri One role!!
  • Anna ??
  • Manmohan Singh Talking aid. (Says he is tired of being one)
  • Baba Ramdev Ladies’ suits, saris, make-up kits, etc.
  • Kasab Lead role in RGV’s movie on 26/11; another 26/11.
  • Tusshar Kapoor Dialogues.
  • Anil Kapoor An actual “role” in a Hollywood movie that will last for more than 5 minutes, at least. Something like the Slumdog Millionaire: where he would be playing the dog.
  • Bigg Boss Sunny Leone.
  • Mahesh Bhatt Sunny Leone.
  • Sunny Leone More fame among Indian guys (with clothes, that is).
  • Himesh Reshammiya Expressions. Emotions. Acting skills. Singing ability. Dancing ability… actually everything.
  • Akshay Kumar ONE movie that will justify his “superstar” label.
  • Congress HELP!!
  • Anna ????
  • BJP The official status of being The National Thekedar for Hinduism and Communal Activities.
  • IITians Kapil Sibal’s life.
  • Engineers A life! And guarantee for a wife!!
  • NITs More respect, other than the close rhyming of their name with the IITs.
  • L. K. Advani The PM’s post. At least after death.
  • Madhur Bhandarkar Revenge from The “Heroine”.
  • Indian Football Team A new ball. At least now, after having won a Cup!
  • Dhanush Answer to his question, “Why this Kolaveri!!”
  • Wikipedia Donations.
  • Sachin A CENTURY for God’s sake!
  • Shiney Ahuja A maid. For household chores, duh!
  • Baby B To grow up to look like mommy, not daddy!
  • RGV Immortality! (quite right; given the angst people have for his movies now, anything can happen to him any day. Uh-huh.)
  • Emran Hashmi His status of being a “serial kisser”, been missing for so long now.
  • NTMN More FB likes! (Honesty :P)
  • Anna ????

(with inputs from Shubham Choudhary)

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