Where have we been… in case it mattered.

Dear readers: For the first time since we started in November 2009, we have been seriously inactive for as long as about three weeks. In an attempt to repair some of the lost (?) loyalty among our regular readers, we decided to post this as a reminder today, to tell we are alive, and to explain the reasons for our absence. We are posting this to share some interesting things about what has kept us busy in the recent weeks, and to claim that we did indeed notice Harvinder Singh slap Sharad Pawar and Ravichandran Ashwin’s brave attempt to save his wicket for the Australia tour. We also heard of the sudden Sun-rise on Indian reality TV, and of how the dumped-and-drunk Dhanush became the toast of the nation. But why were we indifferent?

1. Exams: A large chunk of our reader-base consists of proud engineering students, so they will understand—they are the ones who are proud of not touching their engineering books until a day before the exam. As NTMN has grown up, so have some of its key members (and most of them happen to be engineering students), who suddenly found themselves amidst the funny tragedy of end of semester (end of sanity, end of life, end of satire, end of NTMN and the advent of studies) exams this November. Why we were quiet, you know now.

In other news,

2. We turned 2 on November 28. We didn’t get the time to immodestly ask celebrities to say few words about us, as we had done last year. Thank you readers, who have kept us alive for so long. And,

3. We were more than just happy to be ‘busy’ experiencing no less than life-changing moments at one of the best places in Delhi—the India Habitat Center, attending the prestigious 8th Annual South Asia Manthan Awards for best e-content, as finalists. Being a student-run website, it was awe-inspiring for us to not only be present with, but also learn from and be appreciated by respectable dignitaries and organizations from the public and corporate sector. The ultimate icing on the cake was the least expected victory that came our way yesterday, leaving us speechless, ecstatic, proud, thrilled, inspired, motivated … all at the same time. After this achievement we are more determined than ever before, to keep doing what we are doing—rather more; much more.

So readers, hope you’ve not forgotten us yet. You better not, since more truth awaits being ripped apart, more opinions of the youth await being voiced, more burning issues await being given the limelight and most importantly, more changes await being brought.

Along with the certificate, NTMN has been awarded a huge trophy too. Stay tuned to our FB page for more pics and videos!

The 'Manthan South Asia Award for best e-content practices (Digital Inclusion for Development) 2011' awarded to NTMN

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