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Celebs start using the products they endorse, end up badly affected

“She’s fine now. It was just a matter of skin infection and we have treated her with the best available skin creams,” says the doctor who treated Asin yesterday. Asin was reportedly found suffering from a severe skin infection after she actually used for the first time, the not-so-“fair-ever” skin cream that she has been endorsing for years.

In other news, the reason that Sachin Tendulkar is still waiting to strike that elusive 100th ton is finally clear. He actually started drinking Boost which had been the so-called “secret of his energy” for the past several years. And evidently, the secret doesn’t seem to work in the world outside the TV. The whole Indian team’s performance has been affected ever since they started using their advertised products. In another gruesome and unfortunate incident last Monday, Rakhi Sawant was admitted to the Lilavati Skin Care Clinic with complaints of six pimples and two strands of white hair. With this incident, she added herself to the long list of celebrities who have been injured or harassed by using the products they endorse. Rakhi was admitted for a day and was kept under strict observation to study the effects of the products she endorses, the doctor said.

These recent developments are supposedly results of the rule issued by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, which asks celebrities to use the brands they endorse in reel life, in real life as well. The news might be bad for a lot of celebs in India, as in the case of Asin and Sachin. However, at the same time, it has proved to be fruitful for some: sources say Abhishek Bachchan actually using Idea 3G was the reason of the birth of Baby B!

The government had to apply the orders after a PIL was filed by a man who said viewers deserved real examples, instead of fake endorsements. For instance, he said in his PIL that instead of Kajol endorsing a nappy brand, one would like it if someone who actually uses those diapers endorsed them, say Rahul Gandhi.

While the general public seems to be delighted by this news, most people in showbiz are not happy with the same. They are defending why they are hating the experience: according to Shah Rukh Khan, he would not even in his worst nightmare think of using a Fragrance Talc. Defending his distaste for a brand he advertises, he said there were “some personal allergies with the thingy”. Meanwhile Salman Khan says that being shirtless most of the time, wearing a baniyan may not be something he would like to do! Amitabh Bachchan recently tweeted that even at the age of nearly 70, he is so fit that he doesn’t need any Chyawanprash, though he did suggest that MS Dhoni should give it a try.

In reactions from general people, prominent ones were:

1. “I always used to buy stuff whenever I saw Priyanka Chopra endorsing it. But now I am disappointed that she doesn’t actually drink the coffee she used to advertise a lot. I think I should now switch to Deepika.” The person, however, fainted when he came to know that Deepika couldn’t spell Nescafé properly.

2. Another person, who had apparently never seen Bipasha Basu flaunting her yoga CDs, stated, “My views about a product never depend on what the celebs say, I look at their effect. So, if Bipasha has a good figure by using Sugar Free, I would use that.”

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