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After Wikipedia blackout, students convince teacher to postpone project submission deadline

(concept by Tanay Sukumar)

The project was to be submitted tomorrow, and most students had kept the job for the last moment. They were supposed to open Wikipedia today, copy and paste some text, and submit the Class XII board exam chemistry project tomorrow. But as the news came in about Wikipedia being blacked out for a day, the students of a Ranchi school found themselves in trouble. They misled their computer-illiterate teacher Anup Lakra, and convinced him to postpone the deadline for submission by two days.

“I was in fact going to copy the blackout notice page that opened on Wikipedia, into my project. But suddenly I noticed that the article was about SOPA—Stop Online Piracy Act, and not SOPA—Sulphur Oxides and Phosphoric Acids, the topic of our project. Oh yes, I do sometimes manage to notice before copying,” said class XII student Manmohan Singh with a smile. After he found out that this article was about a different SOPA, Singh alerted the whole class, since he expected some of his lesser learned friends would copy the SOPA article into the chemistry project. Panic struck, and the class monitor was asked to talk to the teacher. The fiasco happened after Wikipedia today blocked its content to protest against two bills presented in the US, and the popular website used for project outsourcing by kids, students, masters and professionals, could suddenly not be used for its noble purpose.

The teacher, 49-year-old Anup Lakra reportedly has no knowledge about computers and internet, his students have told NTMN. “He believes students still write their projects in their own words,” said one. One student lamented, “I have this dumb luck. It’s all because of me. I have submitted all my previous assignments by actual research, but I still scored the lowest marks. Now, when I finally decided to copy from the internet like my friends, Wikipedia wouldn’t open. And all I could think of is, one day left for the submission!”

The student Manmohan Singh told us, “Anup sir still believes in the age old technology of finding facts from the books. But who checks books these days when you have Google and Wikipedia! We have asked him to extend the deadline due to the blackout.” Meanwhile the teacher, Mr. Lakra was at loss of words in this situation. When we told him how his students had misled him, he said, “Students urged me to extend the deadline as they said some blackout had happened. Blackouts in our age meant power cuts. I remember I could not do my projects when there was a blackout. So I understood the children’s concern and agreed.” We explained to him the reason, and he said, “The only thing I know about computers is the way to the computer lab in the school.”

While school students are facing the most severe crises, reports have come in from elsewhere, about researchers and Ph. D. students suddenly being spotted at local coffee bars in the absence of their dedicated research tool. “We chose to have some outing in frantic hopes of socialising,” said one in Bangalore.

P.S. The authors support free knowledge, however no pirated content has been used to “produce” this report.

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  • This is indeed insanity on U.S. govt.’s part.

    The post rocks as always. \m/
    Manmohan Singh used to be a student, really ?
    His silence speaks he is still learning, the party, the nation, everything — Palmistry in disguise ! :p

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