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Mysterious Message from the Future Creates Buzz on the Internet

The following is what was found among other information that created a buzz on “The Internet”. It was found on a website whose server could not be located anywhere in the world. It appears to have been written by an eight-year-old from the future.

You will be us one day. This is just a peek into our lives and as to how we live. Why does an eight-year-old sound serious?

I was born 8 years ago, as they say it.

My parents work to get us some food. My dad works for longer than mum. My dad is a scientist. People work at nights, when The Sun is not around. It’s a star. They say UV rays from The Sun during the day can hurt us. So they work at nights—in the whole world—with lights on. My grandpa used to tell me, when I was little, that they used to work during day and sleep during nights. But now it’s opposite. I don’t know if it has happened for good or bad. I just accept it, and so do the Earth’s biggest minds. They say that “this is the only way to live now”.

We eat vegetables and other things, just like they did in my grandpa’s time. But our main food is packed food, whose origins I’m not sure about. I think very little of what we eat is grown. All the farming is done during nights. They do ploughing, sowing, watering & harvesting—everything—at night. We can’t go out during the day. The ozone hole is too big. I don’t really know what that is. But I can’t see any hole in the sky. I tried once during the night; it wasn’t visible. Mum says while pointing at the sky—“It’s big”. But then why can’t I see it? It gets irritating sometimes. I want to see that ‘evil-hole’, as everyone calls it. (Actually they call it some other ‘hole’, but I’m not too sure about censorship in your time, so I’m not taking any risks.)

Sometimes, it gets too cold at nights, and people are scared of these cold nights. We have room heaters indoors. But still people are scared. I fail to understand why. They say they can’t bear the scene outdoors. I haven’t seen anything outside at nights ever. They say all our food ‘dies’ at such times. Soil is devastated. I read in a poem, sometime back, these lines:

Our days are fire, and nights are ice
Let us flow, for together we might
Bring a change, and enjoy again
The joy of our long lost Sunshine.

I don’t understand the “joy”. I think The Sun is a killer and it is evil. We can’t go under bare sky. Everywhere there is a roofing—somewhere transparent, somewhere opaque and very thick roofing. They say it protects us from The Sun. Dad says we might lose hair or get some other illness without the roofing. Again, reasons are unknown to me, but then, such is the case with all my fellows, and we just accept it.

I may be unaware of reasons, but I certainly do know a few things. We get power from gigantic solar panels across the roofs and other far-off places. We’re quite good in tapping solar energy, and that’s why we can live easily at nights. We store it during day, and utilize it at nights. Everyone around insists on using less and less of electricity due to lack of it, but I don’t feel there’s any shortage. Everyone just goes around well enough.

We don’t play much—physical sports I mean. There’s not a lot of room indoors, when everything is indoors. “The mood of this ‘new society’ is quite solemn”—my grandpa had said. He seems right to me. He used to tell me about the sports in his times, the widespread grasslands and gardens. They used to play under The Sun and have fun. We can’t do the same. We play on our consoles though, sometimes. The games seem surreal—probably because The Earth is not how it is shown in few games. I like these games.

I heard there are big structures at far-off places. I’ve seen pictures on The Grid. In grandpa’s time, The Grid was called The Internet. But now, it’s The Grid. I think Grid is a cooler name than Internet. So those structures, I’ve heard, are so big that few cities can reside in one structure. I want to go there someday, er, some-night.

Grandpa said that once there were a lot too many people and we had no place even to keep our feet on ground. It was some time around then that more than 50% of the people were wiped off the face of The Earth in a matter of few years, after which they realized that roofing and staying indoors was necessary. Grandpa also used to tell about some flying creatures—birds. But they’re not visible now. I saw old pictures and videos on The Grid, but I can’t see them for real, and that sucks! I miss my grandpa’s stories. He even told me how he met grandma & how he fell in love. It was so romantic that I’m just too shy to share anything.

My dad’s a scientist. He took me to his lab one day and told me that he and his co-workers had figured out the bending of space and time and that they had developed a working time-machine, which was a far-cry in grandpa’s time. That’s when I got an idea of sending this information to you in your Internet. I just want to say that you are very lucky to see those birds for real and I want to ask you not to let The Sun become evil. If this reaches you, then please, take care of things. I love you guys and I want good to happen.

I’m not writing the date (year) here. It is just so that people do not get too worried. I know that’s human tendency.

My name is Sun. Grandpa named me. I don’t know why.

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