[Photography] The Best of A Pensive Polaroid | #2

Pensive Polaroid: An Oxy Morn by Siddhartha, Fish Market by Shreyas

An Oxy Morn

Fish Market (Mangalore)

This is the second edition of this section, where NTMN brings you the best of A Pensive Polaroid—a compilation of original photographs from daily life and societal observations, clicked by Siddhartha Mukherjee and
Shreyas Panambur. In their own words:

“Our approach to photography is more an expression of art. Just as thought and expression have no boundaries, we try not to mentally mark the borders of technique—we try to let creation just be, rather than forcibly shape it. We often use photographs to convey a visual poem, often to allude to intangible metaphors of infinity and sensations, often to present moments that would not have been, as concepts, and often waiting for moments that might not come to pass while we walk the streets trying to capture the essence of being.

“The real alliteration behind our collaborative gallery, A Pensive Polaroid, is our enduring love for language, arts and expression. Photography helped us combine those three facets to our personas, and it just stuck. We took to the lens together, learning from, and correcting each other, always trying to better our last shot. And from the looks of it, that is how it shall go on. The unending path beckons our sensibilities, and we are more than happy to let it consume us.”

Siddhartha Mukherjee and Shreyas Panambur, A Pensive Polaroid.

Captions by A Pensive Polaroid.
Find A Pensive Polaroid on Facebook here. Their blog is located here.

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