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South Delhi Girls Create Explosion of Words, 6 Injured; Several Report Hearing Loss

In a surprising incident on Monday, two Delhi girls were the cause of a minor explosion of words near South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar (Central Market). The explosion injured six people. Police have blamed intelligence failure. No warning email was received before the explosion.

Karishma Mishra, and Sonia Lamba, the girls in question, created an explosion which, besides injuring people, has reportedly caused ear damage to many. The police are confused about the course of action to be taken and have asked the CBI to look into the matter. The Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the intelligence agency R&AW to intercept telephone calls between young girls from now on. Since there hasn’t been any formal complaint against the girls yet, NTMN managed to get their hands on the pair of girls (I know what you’re thinking) for an exclusive interview.

Intelligence agency R&AW has decided to intercept telephone calls between girls from now on, so that intelligence failure is not blamed the next time this happens.

Says Karishma, “We were walking around the market gossiping. There is this new guy in our class and we were discussing his, err, hi… Him, when all of a sudden, the air between us exploded and we were blown away. Sonia has sustained damage to her ear too.  I don’t understand what happened, but I do believe we are explosive.” She winked.

Sonia was in too much pain to be comprehensible. However, when both girls realized that they were being interviewed by NTMN, they let out some high-pitched screams and almost tore apart this reporter’s clothes, not that he complained. Very rarely has one heard the screams which these girls emitted, and the effect remained even a few hours after the interview was over.

What now remains to be seen is if the Indian Government, for all its foolish plans, nuclear deals and armament woes, manages to tap this “explosive” resource that Delhi seems to produce in such abundance. The National Capital, for all the dropping temperatures, has had its history of producing the heat. Senior Army Members feel that these Delhi bombs can seriously be used as decoy weapons and the army today also has the need of such measures.

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  • Charmers and magicians are continuously casting magical spell from inside Rajasthan Police Force. I, my friends and relatives have been suffering for more than six years. Already reported the case with Delhi Police. What I believe is that they have murdered not only my maternal uncle (Nanaji), but many people nearby me. Please help me, I am in urgent need. Moola Ram, Dayashankar, Vidyant Mishra and Jagatpal Sharma along with his friends are taking full advantage of Rajasthan Reserved Force (Ghazipur, New Delhi, India) without caring for any legal proceedings and constitutional laws. What I believe is that they are looting people from here and grabbing ample amount of money from them and have strong association with dacoits and murders. If you have any review, please revert to me with some help.

    Sunil Kumar Dogra.

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