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The Emoticon :P, Ripped Apart | Its Various Crazy Uses on Chatting

Welcome to cyber world. Yes! Here we try to be as real as possible. Real in what sense? Switch to one of the micro-blogging sites and you will know how real we are, even while sitting miles across each other. And what helps us is what they have named “Emoticons”. A mixture—unhealthy one though—of emotions and icons. WOW. How unreal again!! Oh wait… it actually helps us get real! And among the hoards of these fake icons that we use to express ourselves, this particular “😛” seems to be the most abused one. The meaning of this in real world has always evaded me. Technically, it just means the tongue sticking out. But, if a survey is done of how often it is used on Facebook and on chatting, it will appear that we have our tongues sticking out all the time.

Sometimes they use it to express the feeling when they try to be sarcastic; at times it is used to be funny. But how can one emotion be used in such varied forms when used at different places in different forms. How?

Boy 1 to Boy 2: I love you 😛

Now this apparently means that the Boy 1 is somehow just trying to tease Boy 2. Kindly note it: “:P” is teasing someone here. (I hope no one gets offended by this statement.)

Boy to Girl: I love you 😛

Now this clearly assures us of flirting. Healthy, unhealthy… well, that’s up to you to decide. The emoticon is used for flirting now. Great.

Girl 1 to Girl 2: He loves you 😛

Now this needs quite some understanding. (And since when did understanding women help? :P). But in general sense, I mean if they don’t mean anything better, it certainly means, Girl 1 is telling Girl 2, “See what kind of douche bags fall for you. You are worth such idiots only. This is sugar-coated bitter truth.” So dear “:P”, you are also being used as a truth messenger.

Girl to Boy: I love you 😛

Well, guys reading this, didn’t just imagining this situation rush your blood at twice its normal speed? Ah! Don’t lie… I know it did. So dear Mr. Emoticon, you give nightmares to boys.

Girl to Boy: She Loves You. Amazed and excited Boy: “Really???” Girl: 😛

What the…. Damn! These emoticons can break hearts. Happy realization.

Boy to Girl: He Loves you. Girl: I don’t care. Now, unsure of how to react to this situation, all that the Boy is able to muster is :P.

The Girl follows suit. Oh! how mean. But guess what, the emoticon just saved somebody his mental agony of  not being able to do his work. Yes! I call it a work.

Uses of “:P” is varied, but not limited to:

  1. “All in good humour.”
  2. “Okay, that was offensive but I did not mean that.”
  3. “I don’t know what else to say.”
  4. “I want to cut off a conversation but can’t say directly.”
  5. You have something you think he/she won’t feel good about, crack it with a “:P”.
  6. You got a joke you think is bad, shoot it with a “:P”.
  7. You need to know if she loves you, ask her if she feels for some other guy with a “:P”. If her answer comes without a “:P”, believe me, she is saying the truth.

Sometimes I wish, seeing the use of “:P” everywhere, it should have been declared as, say, the National Smiley… Imagine, the annual budget presented by the Finance Minister containing the “:P” at the end of every clause. And most of the government policies concluded with a “:P” (They’re fooling us anyway, at least this way we’ll know when!)

And how about the answer sheets we fill in the exam. It’s better we make a “:P” at the end of every answer: after all the teacher needs to know we didn’t intend to make it that funny. Stick out the tongue and it works.

The use of 😛 on chats and social networks has moved places, first it was just like a joke followed by a “:P”, but now it is THE thing.

And the best part of my imagination, I wish using “:P” in practical and in face-to-face conversations was that easy. It is such a useful emoticon. Imagine:

Sachin Tendulkar being asked about his hundredth century, he makes a :P.

Sharad Pawar asked why he was slapped, he makes a :P.

Shah Rukh Khan asked about Ra.One, he makes a :P.

Ask anyone in the world, “Why this Kolaveri!” and they make a :P.

And Manmohan Singh, I tell you he would have been blessed. He doesn’t speak anyway, a 😛 would have helped his silence look smarter.

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