Chocolate Day: Shiv Sena punishes youth eating chocolate like in the Cadbury Silk advertisement

Just as speculations about what they will be up to this Valentine’s Day were beginning to rise, the Shiv Sena has come up with something new and unexpected. The target this time is today’s date, also called the “Chocolate Day” in the Valentine’s Week celebrated in February world over. A Shiv Sena spokesperson said, “Cadbury’s campaigns for the product have violated many of our ethics. First, they are showing a teenage girl indulging in such obscene behaviour like eating a melted chocolate so provocatively. We ask them, the chocolate could have been eaten in its solid form too, then WHY this uncivilized behaviour! Besides, these ads promote bad eating habits, wrong table manners, adultery, disregard for parents and the latest ad even shows signs of budding infidelity!”

The Sena issued a public notice, which tells youngsters not to eat chocolates the way the popular “Cadbury Silk” advertisement shows. Shiv Sainiks roamed around Mumbai colleges today, and broke a window every time they found a youngster eating chocolates in this manner. A Shiv Sena spokesperson has revealed that the party had been holding emergency meetings for the past one month, discussing what action should be taken against the Silk Ad campaign—which, they say, is against the Indian Culture and “extremely shameful and embarrassing”.

“And then the fact that it is named as SILK makes it The Dirty Chocolate! We have decided to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards this particular campaign,” Shiv Sena added. Apparently, the issue cropped up after a Shiv Sainik saw the ad some time back and found it against family television-viewing ethics.

The strange thing however is the support that the Sena has received from the society for the first time. It is being said that not just parents and psychiatrists, even youngsters were upset with the ads. “It’s all so fake!!” was one Neelam Arora’s outburst, “I have tried eating the Cadbury Silk that way so many times because my boyfriend said he likes the ad. But it never melts that way. I have to wait for an hour for it to start melting so I can ape the ad-girl. In the end I end up looking so disgusting and messed up that my boyfriend literally runs away.”

While Neelam’s reasons are more personal, parents are a happy lot with the Sena’s decision, say experts. “A lot of parents come to me expressing concern that their children will forget all the table mannerisms and etiquette because of these ads. Some even say their children refuse to bathe after getting all sticky and covered with chocolate saying that’s the way you eat a Silk. These are not good signs. The ads must be banned,” child expert Nitish Narang told us. “The ad is ultra stupid man. But the girl, damn cute! So no, it better not be banned,” a young lad we spoke to told us.

“It is the Sheila-Munni of the advertisement world, if you ask me. Kiss me, close your eyes… while eating a freaking CHOCOLATE? Seriously, how lame can we get?” adman Jallad Kakkar concluded.

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