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Fresh Indo-Pak peace talks to begin soon, after Pakistan beat England 3–0

Cricket, once again, has united the whole country, including politicians from all the parties. It seems that the humiliation Team India received at the hands of England during their 0–4 loss in Tests last September, is still fresh in the minds of Indian fans. Pakistan have beaten England 3–0 now in UAE, and Indian fans are in a celebratory mood. Colourful politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadav have even gone to the extent of calling it Pakistan’s “Tit for Tat” on India’s behalf. And hence, there is a refreshed sense of brotherhood between the two neighbours.

However the news that matters is that the Indian government has decided to start a fresh round of talks with Pakistan, for the same reason. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is famous across the world for hailing ‘men of peace’, finally broke his silence today after a long time, and announced that Pakistan had sent a friend request by beating England, and it is our turn to accept it.

His voice and face carried the same innocence that he had showed while calling Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani. He said, “Our beloved neighbour Pakistan is just like a half-brother and a country of peace. My heart is filled with emotions when I see their cricket team taking revenge for what they did to our cricket team in their country.” It was difficult for the reporter to gauge whether the PM was really emotional, or it was just his natural face. “I think it is time we give Pakistan another chance and resume the bilateral talks with them. But, on the issue of corruption in our country I want to add something...” A journalist interrupted before he could add that he doesn’t have a magic wand.

The BJP has suggested that the Congress has become so insane that they are now working hard to ensure the Pakistani vote bank.

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