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After 4 Days of Street-Fight, Both Fighting Men Forget Why They Started Fighting

A “street” fight in the elite “roads” of South Delhi has entered its fourth day, and the original topic of the fight has been lost in dust, fists and lusty choice of words. Experts around the fight, some of whom have watched the fight ever since it began, vaguely recall that the fight probably began when one man parked his son’s toy tricycle in front of another man’s house, despite a No Parking sign. (The other man had deflated the tyres of the small cycle over this.) Other varying accounts claim that when they reached the site of the fight, the ongoing topic had been (1) which man’s father had died taller in height, (2) whether Sachin Tendulkar should retire, and (3) whether the principal of the playway school one man’s child went to, was a class X passout.

The fight began on the evening of 19th March. Strangely, both men are still alive, one major reason the fight is still on. The heroes of the fight have been identified as Hawa Singh, 34, and Gunda Kumar Samajhdaar, 36. Our reporters were called early today morning. The local police were ignorant about the issue. But, so were Singh and Samajhdaar: neither remembers why they started fighting. They have moved from one topic to another. Each topic is related to the other by one common factor: hatred and a hunger to dominate.

When we broke the sincere “lovers” apart to investigate the origin of the fight, here is what we got: “Over the last 3 days, I have developed a certain love towards hating him,” said Samajhdaar. Hawa Singh told us, “Since the media is here now, this can even get me a role in Bollywood. I just hope one of those dumb directors is watching this.” We immediately sent our Mumbai reporter to pay a visit to Ram Gopal Varma.

Next moment, Samajhdaar took our leave, took Hawa Singh’s neck, shook him, and said four unprintable words very politely and lovingly. “His aggression has died down they say, maybe the reason that Hawa Singh hasn’t died down yet,” said Sharad Kumar, an onlooker who joined in as a spectator yesterday. Among about 150 spectators, we chose to find someone who has been a witness since Day One. We found Raja Yadav.

“I was passing by when the fight started. It was because Hawa Singh’s 3-year-old son has parked his little tricycle in front of Gunda Kumar’s house. I was surprised that the fight looked like someone had parked his car in front of someone’s gate… man this was just a little cycle! Anyway, I didn’t bother to stop the fight, as I like to hear two people abusing each other like this. I watched and watched. They moved from one topic to another, one swear word to another, one chappal to another, one’s mother to the other’s. It seemed that a street-fight was their lifetime dream. I called in more friends to watch the fight. It was getting interesting. For the first time, I had seen a Lok Sabha in real life,” Raja Yadav said. He told that with time, there were two parties within the spectators, one supporting Gunda Kumar and the other supporting Hawa Singh. The supporters were also bringing bricks and stones for their hero, but latest trends in expletives remain the major tool. One gets the feeling that obscenities should also have a Fashion Week where new expletives are presented by Swear-Word Designers and models on the ramp like Singh and Samajhdaar. (And yes, one topic of fight that we heard from the onlookers, was that one of the fighters had pronounced an expletive wrongly. However, the fight over this topic had lasted only few hours.)

Our reporters tried to make efforts to stop the fight, but had to stop on popular demand. “The fight is too interesting. We won’t leave until one of them dies,” said one man, and another said, “The fight is getting bad. But I won’t call the police, else I’ll get into trouble.” 


The NTMN View: The youth should be taught a way to live a peaceful life, far away from aggression. Unnecessary aggression can not only kill people, but also ruin their own life and that of their family. Fighting and winning isn’t manliness, calmness and peace are. We have to avoid incidents like this if we have to call ourselves a civilised society.

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