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Kapil Sibal: Bonus marks for girls in IIMs can cause rise in male infanticide in future

After a recently-concluded meeting with NGOs and social stakeholders, it appears that Kapil Sibal’s HRD Ministry is afraid that the changed selection criteria in IIMs can give rise to male infanticides. In the press conference after the closed-doors affair, Kapil Sibal told us, “We have come to the conclusion that the recent decline in the female infanticide in middle-class families has much to do with the change in the selection criteria of IIMs. The criteria fetches girls a bonus of 20–25 marks in the selection process. We believe that in the years to come, male children will be seen as a hindrance to higher societal status, as their chances of being admitted to MBA programs will go down. The trend will be strongest in what we define as the ‘general category’. In the years to come, male children will be seen to be as evil as not doing an MBA like everyone.”

Elaborating on it further, the Human Resource Degradation Minister continued, “In dire need of diversity in classrooms, the IIMs are going to provide even incompetent girls with extra marks. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi have justified it, saying females do have a better sense of management. But this has led to an increase in cases of sex change among families that can afford it. And middle-class families which heavily depend on the More Bright and Advanced (MBA) prospects of their children are going to resort to abortion of the male child.” Although the meeting was scheduled for last Friday, there was a ‘slight’ delay as Mr. Sibal had prior commitments—screening images of Sunny Leone before they could be posted on social networking sites.

When Digvijay Singh was asked about his views, he came out with a different take on the matter. Like always, he leered and said, “I think it’s an indirect initiative by our world class B-schools to change the scenario of our skewed sex ratio. An unbalanced sex ratio like ours is a great deterrent to progress, and I welcome this move from the educational institutions. I myself had put in a lot of thought into this matter, but frankly, even I could not have devised a more efficient solution.”

The IIM-K director, acting as a spokesperson for the other IIMs, remarked, “We have resolved to continue with our ongoing selection criteria irrespective of the consequences. Lalu Yadav’s Railways profits were proved wrong, MS Dhoni is now losing matches at will: so the men we taught students about, have failed. Women are needed now. We reserve the right to select students via gender biasing, or via any sort of criteria we deem necessary. We have to have excellent placement statistics, and right now women are being preferred by both national and international recruiters. There has never been a question of who is more ‘worthy’. I’m sure the male candidates can understand that concept after so many years of enjoying the greener side of things.”

But, since NTMN is known for brave journalism, we hereby reveal an astonishing view with regard to change in selection criteria as told to the reporters. The director made it clear that in the days to come, “we are planning to bring in more diversity by providing bonus marks to the divorced and the people from the LGBT community and people in live-in relationships, since they bring in new thinking ideologies.”

Quite obviously, these issues are a long shot from the primary problem at hand: infanticide. The government has promised to start a variety of welfare schemes to tone down the immense odds currently being stacked against male children in India, but nobody expects it to work. Meanwhile, parents who had been trying for a male child even after their third issue have been the most happy by the recent turn of events.

(ed. Saswata De)

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