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[NTMN Election Analysis] All That Paid Off In The Business of Polls

Gone are the days of excitement, the days of thrill, the days of criticising even the pet dog of the other party’s members, the days of everlasting blabbering in long speeches. Gone, all gone.

Assembly elections have ended in five states, and the results are declared. (Don’t dare to think of them as “states”, Uttar Pradesh has more people than even Brazil). The bicycle has crushed the elephant, the Lotus has grown on the beaches of Goa, and 3 more easily predictable results were announced to take over the media for a month or so. Anyway, nobody cared a bit about any of these four extra states; the state of highlight was UP and I guess, will always be UP.

The long marches of Rahul Gandhi, the Diggi-tone of Khursheed, the prasads of Beni, and nevertheless the Italian accent of UPA politics—all of them paid off. Quite disastrously though. Or you can say, quite mirthful for others. The anti-Congress behaviour pioneered by Anna, and then followed by the Congressmen themselves, seemed to make the voter’s mind clear about their policies, pretty clear, ha! And quite interestingly, UP voters used their brains this time. They understood the pun of the most spoken line by Rahul Gandhi: “Humein mat-daan karein”.

Moreover, apart from a high vote collection, one more record was made in UP. Congress lost their seats of Rai Bareilly and Amethi, and the BJP lost of Ayodhya. Who, on this God’s green earth expected that. Even though Amethi was Rahul Gandhi’s favourite tourist spot, he lost. (Oh please, don’t call Amethi as his seat, his ‘seat’ is clearly 10 Janpath.) Maybe he was too overconfident about that constituency, so never did that promotion thing… or maybe he was under-confident because the people living there knew how much ‘work’ he has done during the past 5 years.

It was the same case with BJP. They made their temple of Ayodhya in the Declaration ballot paper, but as per the results they now need to visit the nearest temple to worship for their success (or rather for Congress’s failure) and also feed the hungry “Brahmins” over there.

One more thing that emerged from these dramatic elections was Akhilesh Yadav (Chhote Netaji). “The power of youth”, as the janta said. The air of hope that he blew in the cycle of hopelessness made that cycle a jet plane (not one of Kingfisher, of course).

He never attracted the media, nor did he eat the food of hungry poor people residing in villages. He never spent nights with them, was looking decent enough in his campaign with always a clean-shaved face, had a simple language, didn’t tear any papers… and… won. How simply his party won one of the most complex assembly elections of the world. He was totally the counter-part of the other so-called ‘youth icon’ of UP’A’. Here A stands for arrogance, and UP stands for Delhi (only for Baba Gandhi).

Chhote Netaji also declared that Mayawati’s statues will not be demolished. He possibly thought, “Why to waste money?”. The elephants and the ‘elephant’ will be remembered forever, even if you inscribe the letters “R.I.P.” there below the statues. If you have a nail-cutter to cut your nails, why to get your whole hand chopped off!

All said and done, let’s hope that this party, this time, will at least make some roads, some roadblocks, some policies, some more policies, and nevertheless their ever-pending promises; this is the least and the most we can expect from them.

Let’s hope Akhilesh Yadav will do whatever he said, no, not about Rahul Gandhi, but about UP.

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