Team India Arrives In S. Africa To Collect Match Fees, Take Next Flight Home

In the new feature called Snippets & Views, we present a short news story (“snippet”), and then put some questions for you. We encourage readers to share their opinions and engage in discussions.

Today’s Snippet, Dated March 30, 2060: The Indian cricket team arrived in South Africa to “be paid” on the 200th anniversary of the first Indian ship reaching South Africa’s shores. One may remember that the 150th anniversary of the same event was celebrated by making the Men in Blue travel to South Africa for a SINGLE T20 game. This time, a practice session instead of a whole T20 game was planned. But all the 15 members of the team have asked for rest, and requested the BCCI for a more practical solution to the necessity of the celebration. To this, the BCCI decided that the practical solution was that: the team could travel to South Africa to collect only their match fees and come back by the next flight home.

Today’s Points to Ponder: Should the Indian team protest against the overworked cricketing schedule? Should they have accepted the invite for a single three-hour T20 game so far away, when they are recovering from two disastrous tours, and have the IPL ahead of them? Should such nonsense money-minting cricket be stopped by the ICC?

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