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[Women’s Day Special] The Tale of Three Men

He lay on the floor. Beaten, bruised, bleeding from the cheek. As I walked towards him to pick him up, he moans in fear, struggling to get on his feet and maintain a distance from me. He is very scared, of me, of the surroundings, of the world. “Don’t worry, I am here to help. I will not hurt you.” He looks uncertain. “What happened?” I ask him.

He shakes his head in despair. He is too ashamed to tell me. On pushing, I find out his story.

Ram is a gigolo. He turned to this profession to earn money to raise his kids. He gave his children the best of education. Ravikant, his son, is now a mechanical engineer and Sudha, his daughter, is a teacher at a local public school. Once his son had enough money, he had attempted to pull his father out of prostitution. However, the men who ran the business did not accept his idea of leaving. There was no leaving this business, they told him. They said he could not leave a business that had fulfilled his children’s dreams. He still left. They followed him and beat him up.


Bithoor, a riverside village just a few kilometres from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh:

While attending the wedding of a friend, I notice a room the Bride visits quite often. Wondering in my innocence, I knock and offer to help in any way possible. On entering, I am horrified to find the room filled with old men, all above their 40s, sitting and talking. Some smoke, while the others play cards. I am surprised to see Akhileshji, the father of the bride, seated among them.

“My caste prevents me from attending the marriage of my daughter. I am just allowed to see her in this room. In our caste, once we are married we cannot attend any marriage, even of our own children. All of us are married, so we sit here through the five days of the marriage, waiting for it to go peacefully. We pray to the Gods to give our offspring a happy married life. That’s all we can do.”


He sat there in the corner. His parents had decided to disown him. According to the father, he had brought shame to the family name. How could he have done this? Now he would never get married. Forget marriage, the entire village would look down upon their family. They would never be able to live in peace again. Ah, the shame!

On pushing for answers, I was astounded at the response. The boy had lost his virginity on Holi. The joy and excitement of the Festival of Colours had got to him, and he had slipped up. Instead of sharing joy and happiness at his virility, the family were shunning him and calling him a black mark. Ah, he was yet unmarried.

Surprised? Wondering how ridiculous and unfortunate the cases of these three men are? Then why do we accept these very same cases quietly, when women face the same? Why is a woman in prostitution doomed in the same profession for life? Why is a woman not allowed to attend functions in some societies? Why is the life of a girl, who has lost her virginity prior to marriage, ruined?

News That Matters Not wishes its readers a Happy Women’s Day and a Happy Holi. Respect Women.

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  • Now that’s what is called creativity… Truly innovative way to present your thoughts !!!

  • What a different and a creative way to come up a befitting article! A whiff of fresh air. *Thumbs up*

  • oh comon i still dont understand y do we always discuss about women losing their virginity before marriage…… marriage is doomed coz a woman lost her virginity because men dont like women who are not virgin… accept it… it hurts their pride…… put it like this….. a woman had sex with someone in a town and got married to someone else in the same town….. when the husband comes to know about the wife’s deeds and in a coincidence saw her ex bf( the one to whom the woman gave herself), dont you all thinnk its weird….. the husband will definitely not feel good….. and y r woman so intersted in losing virginity before marriage?????????

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