New video shows BJP MLAs watching morphed sex video of Abhishek Manu Singhvi

The maximum interest in the videos has been seen among the people of Bengal, who seem to have taken Didi’s advice and started watching songs and videos instead of news channels…

Over the last two days, India TV has been repeatedly airing an exclusive video footage that shows three BJP MLAs from Karnataka watching a sex clip which is apparently the infamous fake sex tape of Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi. In the show titled ‘BJP ka secular porn prem’, a footage from the State Assembly shows 3 MLAs watching a grainy video on a Micromax Funbook. On being caught, the MLAs have said that they were watching videos as a part of research on how the Funbook functions.

Singhvi, who had fallen sick since the fake MMS of him started circulating, was back to his fiery best. “This is the real chaal, charitra & chehra of BJP. They are a bunch of pervert right-wing fascists who have defiled the sanctity of the Assembly by watching porn while in session.”

When the India TV reporter pointed out that the “porn” was allegedly his own video, Singhvi lost his cool: “Which channel are you from? When everyone from Barkha Dutt to Rajdeep Sardesai to even Times of India has understood that the video is morphed, how can you still ask such dumb questions? Are you from Saamna or Panchjanya?”

He further explained what the conspiracy actually was. “The video is of a lawyer from Chennai. My ex-driver happens to be friends with his ex-driver. They hatched this plan to blackmail me. They got the CD morphed in Ritchie Street. They have so many computer engineers in Chennai, who know the art of morphing too well. Like, go to Chennai, and you can see hundreds of billboards showing Mahatma Gandhi sitting with Rahul Gandhi. And Baba Ramdev doing yoga with Swami Vivekananda! Such morphing of photos and videos is like child’s play for them.”

Singhvi reprimanding the ignorant reporter

In the video footage shown by India TV, the cameraman zooms in at the Funbook screen, to reveal a fat, bald, ugly male telling a fat, hairy, ugly female: “It’s give and take, madam. Give a job to get a job.” The rest of the video is blurred.

Almost at the same time, another press conference was held in Bangalore by BJP. “The video showing 3 of our MLAs is morphed. But the video shown in the video is real,” declared B. S. Yeddyurappa, hoping to win support from his MLAs so that he gets back the CM’s chair. “It’s a clear case of Congress’s paid media trying to malign our leaders. First, they came up with a morphed video of Shri Nithyanandji. The original video was of Shiney Ahuja from Sins. In it, he played the role of a Christian priest who indulged in sex acts with a poor woman. But the paid secular media coloured the white robes into saffron and placed Nithyanand’s face on it to malign our culture! As if this wasn’t enough, now they have started attacking our political leaders too. It’s high time we learn from Mamata Banerjee on how to deal with such trouble makers.”

Fake or not fake, both the Singhvi and BJP videos have gone viral on social networking sites. The maximum interest in the videos is being seen among the people of Bengal who have taken to the advice of their Didi and started watching songs and videos instead of news channels.

Singhvi’s ex-driver has gone missing. There are reports that he has been approached by James Cameron to work on the special effects of Avatar 2. Meanwhile, in a sign of solidarity with their faithful leader, Congress has made Abhishek Manu Singhvi the “chair”person of the “Standing” Committee for reforms (Act for Respecting and Promoting Equality—RAPE) to increase the percentage of women in the Higher Judiciary.

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