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Man gang-bitten by wild dogs in Gurgaon; police blame him for wearing short clothes

Five dogs have been arrested for allegedly gang-biting a 23-year-old man who was returning home after a full day’s work in a Gurgaon pub.

The man, Raju, is the sole earning member of his family. Apparently, he had taken up the job of a waiter at a pub in the Besahara Mall in spite of much resistance from his mother who was really concerned about his safety. “But I was not getting work anywhere else in the city. With no other option at hand, I decided to go for this,” Raju tells us while writhing in pain.

On the unfortunate night of 15th April, his mother’s fears came true and Raju was spotted by five wild dogs who had been roaming around on the roads freely. Raju came out of the mall at 1 A.M. and started walking towards a spot just 1 km away, where his friend was going to pick him up. “I didn’t even realize that they had been quietly following me, and when I did, I really got scared and started walking faster. The dogs’ paw-steps became faster too. They passed lewd barks at me, which were getting louder with each step. I felt helpless. There was not a speck of life in sight, only the dogs, their ugly barks and I alone on the deserted road. Before I could think of what to do, they were eating into my legs and tearing apart every morsel of flesh on them with such vigour that I went numb.” Raju further says, “It was… painful.”

Raju’s medical examination has revealed that his body was mercilessly assaulted by the dogs one by one for over two hours. “They took turns on me. While I was experiencing the worst pain of my life, bleeding profusely and moaning painfully, they seemed to be enjoying it. They called me names, laughed aloud, dug their teeth everywhere on my body so hard that I died a million times in those two hours,” Raju’s eyes bear tears as he narrates the incident to us. “I don’t know why and how they could find it amusing,” he wonders.

Doctors say that Raju will not be able to walk properly again and that “more than the body pain, it is the mental and moral hurt that will not go”. He has already attempted suicide thrice. He says, “I will never be able to step out of the house again. And these nightmares just wouldn’t stop. I can still see, right in front of my eyes, those dogs sitting on me and happily chewing every little lump of flesh they could get their dirty paws on. I can’t get rid of these pictures, please help me die!!!” Raju begins to cry frantically, forcing us to leave.

Meanwhile, the Gurgaon police have said that they or the dogs are not the only ones to be blamed. “If a guy exposes his body by wearing revealing clothes, and is out of home on estranged roads so late in the night, due to whatever reasons, what will the poor dogs do? Any flesh-eating animal can get aroused in such a situation. We are looking into the matter, but please don’t blame us. Gurgaon is such a widespread area, how do we look after everybody? We have other things to do too. Other things like… forget it,” the police have said.

The statement further says, “In most such cases, there is some sort of consensus from the so-called ‘victim’ too. If Raju was wearing such provocative clothes, he obviously knew what the consequences could be. How do we know his intentions weren’t unclear? What if he had himself invited the dogs to bite him? What if he belongs to a characterless family background? Decent people don’t do such things! These are some of the ‘crucial’ details we are looking into.”

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gurgaon, Mr. P. C. Keema has suggested, “The only solution is that people stop wearing such clothes and stay at home after 8 P.M. Sit jobless, see yourself and your family die of poverty but do NOT go for these late-night jobs. Evil elements are out at this time looking for preys. Your safety is in your hands. Safety is more important than the summer heat! This is not the West. This is the Indian society. There are some rules here. You have to dress modestly to protect yourself from good animals like dogs! As of now, we have decided to put Gurgaon on curfew after 8 P.M. for young men.”

The Gurgaon police in its latest statement have issued rules which they say will protect the citizens. According to the list, anybody found wearing clothes that do not follow these specifications will be jailed:

a) Lowers long enough to not let even the toe to be visible.

b) Full-sleeves that touch the tip of your longest finger.

c) Buttons closed to the top, such that the wind-pipe feels choked.

d) Completely opaque clothing preferably made of solid plastic or stainless steel.

e) Strictly banned: western clothes (shorts, Bermudas, pants, T-shirts etc.), Indian dhoti and pyjama. Also, your clothes should be neither too tight, nor too loose.

Apart from these “general” specifications, the Gurgaon police have also clearly stated that, “If in a biting-case, it is found that any part of the body other than the face of the victim was visible to the accused before the incident took place, the victim would be held criminal and the accused would be left scot-free, since the poor soul was only victim to hot flesh on display.”

On being asked what the rules were for the “bitists”, the police said, “Well, we request them to stay within their limits and not fall prey to these characterless creeps found lingering around on the roads till late in the night. They might seem tempting at that moment, but cause a lot of trouble later.” They further said, “That apart, there isn’t much we can tell these criminals. They’ll continue to do what they want to do, that is why they are criminals. The responsibility is of other people to ensure complete law and order in the city.”

Monty, one of the 5 accused, tells us, “You should have seen those legs on full display. Mmm… too hard to exist, man! Now if someone as beautiful and meaty as him chooses to be out on the roads during the wee hours, wearing provocative clothes, is it our fault that we fall for him?” Monty shamelessly utters.

On being told about the Gurgaon police’s statements, the accused broke into laughter. “Haha! See! Those guys understand us so well, true brothers they are!”

Author’s note: My sincere apology to the dog-kind for using them in this article. The characters are only symbolic. Otherwise, we both know who the real dogs are.

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  • it wasn’t funny…girls who got passed with such acts will find it painful to read. infact it really saddened us to read .

    • Then read again. This is satire. And hits the nail on its head. Read it without that prejudice you formed just by the headline.

    • Ujjwal, I am surprised; very surprised by your comment. This is satire. Not meant to be funny and I’m sure it doesn’t even seem funny, not even by chance. Secondly, if a girl who has gone through this reads this, she will relate to the pain that I have tried to describe here. That’s what the article attempts to do, because everything else seems to have failed at making sense in front of the ruthless police and biased males.

  • The statements such as those of the Gurgaon Police make u kinda wonder whether its the “progressive 21st century” or the Medieval era….Its so pathetic n shameful….As far as ur satire is concerned….Crisp, Clear n Aptly portrayed…. Loved it!!

    • True. I wish they gain sense sometime soon enough to not let the victims suffer more humiliation.
      Glad you could appreciate the article. Thanks a lot.

  • wow, read something by you after a long time. What a comparison. Neat. The article is such an innocent tight punch in the face of the Police dept. for a much similarly different case. Awesome.
    my fav lines: “Author’s note: My sincere apology to the dog-kind for using them in this article. The characters are only symbolic. Otherwise, we both know who the real dogs are.”

    • Thanks a lot, Nipun. It’s good to see you back here after so long. I wish we had the honour of featuring some work by you too, maybe sometime soon.

  • Whoa !
    What a way to ridicule the persistent savagery in our society.
    Kudos for this piece. Pure sarcasm.
    Loved the way the counterparts have been utilized and scene by scene description up there has been put.

    Great work !

  • As someone who treats all life forms on earth equally i find your usage of the word dog really disturbing . . . also you claim you apologize to the dog kind but “Author’s note: My sincere apology to the dog-kind for using them in this article. The characters are only symbolic. Otherwise, we both know who the real dogs are.” this statement is contradictory . . . i notice the last part of that passage “Otherwise, we both know who the real dogs are.” you still use the word dog as a derogatory after apologizing for the misuse of the word . . . i don’t know if this is incompetence or plain arrogance . . . in any case the greed, lust , the selfishness of humans should not be compared with the innocence of animals . . . no offence to the author

    • I appreciate your concern for animals, or life-forms for that matter, here. But, I wish you could also understand my limitations as a writer. We have the Gurgaon police, ministers and other biased males blaming women for being raped. There is nothing human about their mentality whatsoever, as you might agree. All attempts to instill sense into them are bound to go in vain since they are as adamant as backward and orthodox and mean they are. How do I make my point, then?
      Animals are innocent, right. But the point here is not the dogs being used as characters. The point here is to equate rapists and all those scoundrels who seem to have lost all sense of morality to “ANIMALISTIC” traits. Now what are “animalistic” traits? All that distinguishes the more-gifted homo sapiens: civilization and respect for each other, in general. Obviously I couldn’t have said, “Raju got bitten by animals”. So I chose a fictional character here. Dogs as “bitists”. The word “dog” is actually the most decent one among curse words used by people (humans). More decent than mother-sister curses. (Who, by the way, are humans).

      No offence meant to your concern, but isn’t it more important to talk to and about humans first and animals second? I am pretty sure that everyone who has read and liked this post has got the point behind it. Now THAT was the purpose behind it. THAT is why I weaved a “story” of sorts, since normal preaching often gets “boring” for people. I have only made a point here. And honestly, I, personally, believe that the intention and the objective of the post is more important than the characterization. Please don’t think you’re the only one who treats all life-forms on Earth as equal. But I, as a writer, am aiming at the real victims of the society here: the women. Let us just concentrate upon that, no? Or is the characterization so important, in a work of pure fiction, that too?

      That said, thank you for your feedback.

      • Also, dogs biting somebody is nothing impossible, it happens. That is the baseline of the story: if a man gets bitten by a dog some day, will he be blamed for baring his legs? The livid descriptions are meant to indirectly describe the pain a pain would go through in such a case, and how people’s indifference to that further adds to it. Please don’t think of dogs while reading them. That completely takes the post, and the point behind it, off-target. It saddens me, honestly speaking, that what really bothered you in the post was the use of dogs for representational purposes.

  • Whatever your reasoning might be to make this appear “just” its still the same thing. . . the very notion that people usually use the names of animals to “curse” and “swear” at each other simply sickens me, just because its a usual practice doesn’t make it right and also “THAT is why I weaved a “story” of sorts, since normal preaching often gets “boring” for people.” that just proves that you would tarnish the name of something just to make your point, also i do full well understand the “point” you try to make here . . . its ridiculously obvious all im saying is that your approach is not the right one, there are many other ways to make an article interesting and appealing than to brandish an entire race of animals, also “Please don’t think you’re the only one who treats all life-forms on Earth as equal.” that statement seemed completely unnecessary and just to provoke me . . . as i already said before i meant no offence to the author, this is just an opinion i hold and no need to take it personal. also “honestly speaking, that what really bothered you in the post was the use of dogs for representational purposes.” to answer that . . . you have your own thought process and i have mine, humans are an evolved race they can take care of themselves, any trouble they get in is an offshoot of their own doings, some way or the other, they are greedy, full of lust and does not empathize with other living things, so a “society” does not include animals it only includes humans and since we rob each animal of their rightful homes on this planet its not an obligation but a RESPONSIBILITY to care for them, i know my thinking might sound funny but its the truth . . . all that being said, i did not wish to provoke the author . . . peace

    • I am sorry if I provoked you, or looked like I am trying to. I think the situation here is that I am feeling very strongly about my cause (here), and you about yours. The sad part for me as the writer of this post is only that I had only one cause/intention in mind. I wouldn’t argue further too. I know I mean well, I know you mean well too. The approach is different for the two of us.

      Sorry again if it provoked you. That clearly wasn’t the purpose. Peace.

  • A brilliant piece of writing. Enjoyed reading it, while my stomach churned that as women, we still have to face this! Hope you read more 🙂

  • (goo.gl/t97pm) Should the Govt reward a willful bank defaulter of hundreds of crores of ‘borrowed public money’ with a Padma Shri award ?

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