[Sunday Magazine] Stop Creating Hell, Oh Smoker Guy!

Blowing the smoke in the air, passed by me a young guy,
Leaving a flicker of anger, irritation and redness in the eye.
“You’re blowing your life out!” I wanted to shout high,
“You got only one life, man! What is the haste to die?!”

“Don’t teach me! You stupid Girl! It’s my life, my choice!
You won’t know the ecstasy KID!” said his euphoric voice.
With a sneer of cool attitude, he seemed in his own trance,
His besotted, congested eyes, scared me at the first glance.

“Don’t call me kid, for that matter! I know how life turns,
I don’t need to put a hand in fire, to know that it burns!
You know smoking is the sole cause of Lung Cancer?
And you are sure-shot safe if you are a non-smoker!

“Of course you know, but you choose to be a learned fool
With a lame excuse ‘Personal choice’, as your only tool.
Listen here Smoker Clan! As early as possible, seek a retirement
To lead a healthy life, we need a Tobacco Free Environment!

Yes! Tobacco free environment!

“So that a foetus doesn’t suffer because of a smoker mother,
So that non-smokers don’t have to pay for the sins of other!
So that your poor lungs, heart, stomach, brain do not smother
So that any depression, BP, asthma, heart attack do not bother.”

Yes! Time for the assessment!

Tobacco free environment, eliminates fifty cancer agents,
Tobacco free environment: hundreds of diseases it prevents.
Tobacco free environment: economic losses sharply descent,
Tobacco free environment: diminishes the risk of fire accidents.

Yes! Need to take individual responsibility!

Smoking is injurious to the health, sounds just clichéd,
Printed warning on labels, no preventive role it played.
To a nation marred by infinite unresolved health concerns
Alas! A matter of “Personal choice” adds to the burdens.

Yes! Authorities need to come strong!

Government regulatory policies as faulty as they ever are,
Chopping the branches, whilst root cause flourishes at par!
Enforced laws just shifted the issue out to inside the shade,
To eradication of the giant problem, no solid impact it made.

Yes! Be self-restrained!

Abstinence from smoking, in your blood, no one can wedge,
Yes! Let everyone resolve for self and drag his own sledge.
Let’s not live and die on a modifiable and dangerous edge,
Let tobacco free environment be a global harmony pledge!!”

He stared at me, bewildered, not knowing, how to get rid!
“Drop that cigarette Bro! And just don’t again call me a KID!”

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