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The Importance of Being Zardari, the Self-Invited Guest

He was recently in news for his diplomatically spiritual visit to the India. Accompanied by a delegation of some 50 VIPs and a strikingly good-looking son, he not only managed to get great media coverage, but also an invitation from Prime Minister Singh for an elaborate news-making feast. Yes, we are talking about Zardari—the man with an impeccable dressing sense, slick-gelled hair, a beautiful broad grin and an inherent Punjabi accent that adds local flavour to his Urdu rhetoric on global issues.

This self-invited guest who was the subject of rapt attention for our celebrity-struck nation for the whole day that he was here, right from details of his lunch menu to his spiritual experiences in Ajmer, was all over the news with his disturbingly familiar smile. It is as if he is still awed at his spate of good luck becoming ‘President’ of Pakistan despite his unbecoming conduct as son-in-law of the nation in the past. Who knows better than Zardari that one ought not to miss such once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! So, despite the bloody end of all political players in the Bhutto clan, Mr. Z. decided to take the plunge, launching himself (although only provisionally until his son Bilawal, the rightful heir of PPP can take the reins) into the Pakistani political arena. And howsoever politically insignificant be his heritage, Mr. Z. since his ‘empowerment’ has flowered into the world of power and politics and created a place for himself.

China tops his list of ‘Most Visited Nations’, where Mr. Z. promised to make an official visit once in every 3 months. Probably 3 is a very auspicious number because his wife and father-in-law both visited China thrice. Hence on his very first visit to China he declared (to the Chinese premier’s not-so-pleasant surprise) that henceforth he would come to China every 3 months. In the man’s own uninspired, unadulterated words, “The friendship between China and Pakistan is higher than the mountains and deeper than the seas.” Waah waah Mr. Z.! Such eloquence proves the worth of your oratory skills that are so essential to thrive in the political world. Clearly, this neighbour does not shy away from knocking on your door and asking to borrow a little sugar now, a little oil then, confident to win you over with his chutzpah.

Mr. Hu, the neighbour, did oblige Mr. Z. the first few times that he invited himself over to China, however when he got tired of Mr. Z. and his walrus whiskers, he dumped him onto his minions. Nevertheless, this did not dampen Zardari’s gusto to develop a closer and tighter bond with China. Zardari is full of praises for anything remotely Chinese. When he is short of anything concrete, he takes pride in the fact that Pakistan is right next to China (geographically of course).

While other world leaders were getting caught-up in scandals and scams last year, Mr. Z. was rated the happiest politician in power. No fingers were raised at him; he had no blemished records during his reign, for he had no action or even any plan of action in his domain that could be held against him. What can and must be learned from Mr. Z. is that one should be aware of one’s limitations, and try to overcome them. For instance, if you cannot be the most powerful nation in the world, then don’t lose heart. You can at least pretend to be the best friend of the most powerful nation, hoping that some day the most powerful nation will respond to your persistent wooing attempts. Hail Zardari! He is one of a kind politician and there’s much that can be learnt from him, not only as a ‘leader’ but as a ‘Hu-man’ being. And of course, the Cheshire cat smile always works!

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